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Lists of Modding site..


I hope this will help all the modders out there. I'm keeping this favorites for a couple of years now and haven't revisited yet since then so some of the link maybe outdated... let me know so I can edit or delete them or the Moderator.

-Hard Disk Drives

-- How To Move A HDD With XP Installed From One Computer To Another

-- How To Make a Window For Your HDD

-- How To Mount Hard Drives If Your Cage Is Full

-- How To Add More 3½ Bays

-- How To Make a DIY HDD Cooler

-CD Drives

-- How To Change The Position Of a LED of a Stealthed CD Drive

-- CD/DVD Stealth Mod

-- How To Make a Window For Your CD Drive

-- Another Method To Stealth Your Drives

-- How To Paint Your Drives To Match Your Case


-- How To Make Your Motherboard Glow-In-the-Dark

-Power Supply

-- How To Add LED's To Your PSU

-- How To Draw 7V Current

-- How To Change The Voltage From Your PSU;threadid=2022

-- How To Power An ATX PSU Without a Motherboard

-- How To Run Dual ATX Power Supplies

-- How To Run Multiple PSU's in Parallel Or Series

-Cutting Your Case


-- PCMods.Com Window Kit Installation Guide

-- Making a Window For Only $5

-- How To Apply a Window Applique

-- How To Cut a Custom Design In Your Side Panel

-- Guide to Custom Window Etching

-- How To Create The Illusion Of Water In Your Case Panel


-- How To Create a Bayfiller Logo

-- How To Cut a Blowhole
Painting And Dying

-- Basic Guide To Case Painting

-- Vinyl Dye Guide

-- Guide To Making DIY UV Reactive Fans


-- How To Lap a Heatsink

-- Lapping The GPU

-- Another How-To Lap a Heatsink

-- How To Lap The Integrated Heatpreader (IHS) Of a CPU

Do-It-Yourself Hardware/Other Mods

-- How To Make Your Own Fanbus

-- How To Build a Baybus

-- Another Take On Building a Fanbus

-- How To Build a Rheostat

-- How To Make DIY Acrylic Cement

-- DIY Thermal Adhesive

-- How To Make DIY Ramsinks

-- How To Mold Custom Fan Grills

Heatsink Removal And Thermal Interface Material Application

-- How To Remove The Integrated Heat Spreader (IHS) From a P4 CPU

-- How To Correctly Apply Thermal Interface Material (TIM)

-- How To Remove The Heatsink From Your GPU

Miscellaneous Functional Mods

-- How To Add a Headphone Jack To Your Computer

-- How To Add a Fan And LED To Your Mouse

-- How To Install An Undercore Temprobe

-- How To Add a Digital Thermometer To Your Case

-- Case Cleaning Guide

-- LCD Installation and Mod Guide

-- A Mod To Easily Remove Your Case Panel With Fans On It

-- How To Start Your Computer By Remote

-- How To Open Stealthed CD Drives With An External Button

Miscellaneous Aesthetic Mods

-- Cable Sleeving How-To

-- How To Light Your Keyboard Using EL Cables

-- How To Change Your Case's LED's

-- How To Tidy-Up Your Case

-- How To Mod Your Start Button Into a Key Switch

-- How To Make DIY Rounded Cables

-- Basic Guide To Installing LED's
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
Rather then repost data you've either leeched elsewhere or reposting on other forums, try checking your links.. A lot of them no longer work..

Would have been easier to to just list a few mods then link to the whole article elsewhere.
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