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Snails - will they conquer earth?

Will the snail-invasion succed?
Will? It already have!!
 12%  [ 2 ]
Those aren't snails, it's demons!!
 50%  [ 8 ]
Defenitlly! The world will soon be only concrete!
 0%  [ 0 ]
Invasion? They make lovelly pets.
 37%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 16

Well, it's spring here in Sweden, and one sign of that is snails... It used to be a few quite harmless black ones without
shells, up untill a few years ago. I'm not sure of when the invasion began, but I'm damn sure that it did. Twisted Evil
Brown monsters from Spain (nothing racist here! Laughing ), the 'killer-snails', came in eating our local ones, well, actually,
eating everything..... They're spreading everywhere and nothing seems to be able to stop them. We've forgotten the
feeling of bare feet in the grass, my wife wears so much cloth that I almost cry, screaming with a scissors in one hand
and salt in the other! She's at war with those aliens, but they're hardly even dead when they beginn to feast of each other.
Every year there are more and more of them, eating everything we try to grow. Hell, the dog even stoped eating them!?
Now my dear wife has plans of electrified fences and rings of salt around the garden, and I'm beginning to wonder
if it's demons or animals we're dealing with here. Should I call the phych-house, or just let it move along?
Nah, it has to be demons, since my wife loves animals of all sorts. We even keep worms in the green-house - indoors!!
Let's now just hope those doesn't mutate aswell... Smile
Just have to tell you, that I for one am totaly certain they are demons.
They've cast a spell on my once loving wife, made her in to a killing-machine, turned the back yard to a war-zone, filled
with devious traps.
I vote cockroaches.
Don't see much of them here in Sweden, Insanity, but you have a point... can't even nuce 'em Rolling Eyes
Well I certainly voted for the last one.

I know snails are incredible eating machines, my suggestion for stopping they would be A. diatomaceous earth sprinkled around the perimeter of your garden, combined with B. take an aluminum pie plate bury it to the rim and fill it with beer. Snails are quite the alcoholics and will come from miles around to get drunk, pass out and die in your beer pool.

It's a good thing human sized beer pools don't exist or we'd all be screwed!
I had an aquarium and had a snail infestation that took nothing short of me nuking the fish tank and completely sanitizing everything in the tank for a few days before restarting. A little drastic but if you google snails in aquariums you will know what I mean. So I can sympathize.

Good luck but if it's really such a problem I would assume there is some environmental group out there that knows of a solution. Problem is probably on getting everyone to help unless it's anything like that aquarium weed plant infestation across the world.
LMAO!! coolclay that's halarious, as for the snails, we don't have that problem around where i live. Maybe it's too cold for them? idk, i just haven't seen a snail for.... years lol. That's cool how they're like terrorizing everyone haha.
Hm... Beer sounds like a sollution, but not in that manner... If I pour it in me I wount be aware of the problem... Laughing
Aren't snails without shells like, slugs?

And aren't slugs a measure of mass?

And so aren't kilograms?

And if so, why hasn't the US switched to the metric system?
we have a lot of snails here tpp, i just go out with my knife and cut every snail in my garden in half

screw the snails Twisted Evil (i just kill em)

or i torture them, trowing bow of salt, and then cover it with plastic Twisted Evil

i hate snails. Razz
is this serious?!?!?!
You know snails are taking over the world when they start making snail earrings @_@;;.
kilotun wrote:
is this serious?!?!?!

Ofcourse it's serious. What's not serious about it?
Well, with a small amount of irony, perhaps, and mabye a laughter or two, but if snails (or slugs) are a problem?
Yup, it's a serious question.
Can I vote for the option without spelling or grammar errors?
Sorry, Donutey, but I can't correct that part of the post, so I guess you just have to skip voting... Rolling Eyes
meet in rio
I kept garden snails as pets when I was a kid... got them a cuttlefish on which to chew and everything! I filled out of those mini-greenhouse thing with leaves and watched them slime around. We were always in rented houses, though, so my mother was never too fussed about the state of the garden foliage.
Well i've made escargot out of my garden snails before, although cleansing takes a few weeks, they taste very good... like clams. Anyway if they take over the world I'll probably be first to die because i ate their family
In the US midwest, it's not roaches or snails, it's these Chinese beetles that look like ladybugs. they're pretty seriously out of control.
Ghost Rider103
Here is would be mosquitos. In South Dakota, they are seriously out of control.
They're pretty prominent in the midwest also (mosquitos), but not in epidemic proportions, as with the chinese beetles. In NYC, it's roaches. little bastards.
Ghost Rider103
With all the viruses that mosquitos carry, I would actually say that they are in the lead on conquering the earth, lol.
Idoru wrote:
Hm... Beer sounds like a sollution, but not in that manner... If I pour it in me I wount be aware of the problem... Laughing

Good solution. Gets my vote! But seriuosly, there are infestations of different creatures all over the world due us becoming gobal society. We transport them to where they don't have a natural predator.

I don't know what to do to solve except have a beer! LOL
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