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The Medical web

Have you ever looked up your symptoms on the web. If you are feeling poorly is your first port of call to look on the web just to see what you have got. The medical sites on the web can be rather daunting, but read with care can really help you sort out if you need to seek advice quickly or in the near future etc. My wfe is a great convert to this sort of approach and to gain insite into any condition she (or other ) may have. Must point out at this point we are NOT hypocondriacts. As an example a friend was complaining aabout seeing dots in his right eye and when the light was low seeing flashes in his periferal vision. Onto the web we went and reading a few sites with common sense came up with "floaters" (bulles in the eye) which when they brush the retina cause the flashes. Solution was that help should be sought, and the likely hood of it being serious was quite large (1-10000), so nothing to really get worked up about. Guy saw his GP, was referred yo an Opthalmic specialist and checked out as we thought with these floaters and no damage to the retina.

Concluding I suppose use all resources with common sense to find solutions to problems
I often use the medical web pages to look up symptoms before talking with my doctor. And on the other hand when I am given a new prescription, I'll visit the medical pages to check for side effects and drug interactions.

With all the new drugs out these days you have to be proactive about your own health care. Even if I ask my doctor about side effects or possible interactions, I'll still check on the Internet.

I don't really consider myself to be overly paranoid but it just seems like every month or so some new drug that was prescribed to thousands of people is now in the news as causing extremely bad side effects or even killing people.

It's a case of C.Y.A. Cover Your A er ... backside.

Personally, I dont trust in a web info about medicine, diseases and anything related. This info is about 80-90% inacurated or untrust. If I want a trustly info, I visit my doctor. Dont play with your health.
gtoroap wrote:
Personally, I dont trust in a web info about medicine, diseases and anything related. This info is about 80-90% inacurated or untrust. If I want a trustly info, I visit my doctor. Dont play with your health.

Yet there are people that would claim the exact opposite. To not let our health completely in the hands of our doctors and to actually do research on side effects and get second opinions ourselves.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't trust your doctor, but I'm sure a lot of them leave out important details and I still believe that everyone should have some basic medical knowledge themselfes. For example, everyone should know the basics of antibiotics and how to avoid missuse of them.

By the way. what caused me to start researching medical stuff on the net is actually something similiar to eye floaters (which are relatively common). I have seen tv like static in my eyes my whole life. It was nice to actually find other people on the net with the same condition who are trying to find the cause and who could explain it and related symptoms in detail. Most opticians and ophthalmologists haven't even heard of this condition.
There are plenty of good medical websites and many of them are realy helpfull.Just need to know how to use the information.
I do that as there are a number of people who may have similar symptoms who have either done blogs about them, or started Websites. I'm not very interested in the Medical type commercial Webs that are attached to sales and where you get drop-down menus, as they are too programmed for me. But now and then I find someone who has had the exact same symptoms, and usually they have gone to the trouble of putting together a lot of links for further study. is also quite good.
I usually check with WebMD

I have found it to be very accurate and reliable.

Just my 2 cents,
Sometimes you feel symptoms to which you arent actually suffering... I only trust a doctor, and no one else!

I dont believe in homeotheropy or the like... Science wins everytime!
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