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Gday all,

I'm looking for some one to do some graphic work for me. I will pay all my FRIH$, so at least 300FRIH$.

All I want is a patterned graphic about 400 pixels high, and about 1600 pixels wide.

The pattern on the graphic should be something like the header background on Obviously not copied, but thats just an example of the sort of thing I'm looking for.

In the center at the bottom of the image the pattern should disappear in an upside down "u" or "v" shape. The interior of the v/u/ shape should be transparent (my web page will be seen through this gap). The V/U shape should be about 900 px wide, but i'd like parts of the pattern to go over this, a maximum of 100 further pixels (so that it doesn't look boxish). The u/v shape should still leave a pattern about 100 pixels wide at the top of the pattern.

Color wise, just use whatever looks good.

I know I've been quite specific with what I want, and I hope it makes sense, but in reality, this is only a rough guide. Please feel free to ask any questions if you don't understand or if I've forgotten to mention something.

Please provide the final product in either PSD or PSPIMAGE formats.

Ghost Rider103
That's a pretty big image, and what your asking for can take some real time and work put into it. Espically since you want everything a certain way. It's deffiniately do able, I just think 300Frih$ might be on the low side, since there is another graphic task in the marketplace for 500Frih$ for a really easy task.

I'll probably do it though, but it will take a while since i'm in the middle of some other things as well.

EDIT: Just so you know the actual resoluton your asking for...

This image goes way over to the right, just highlight it to see how long it actually goes. I forgot to outline it, I guess I should of thought of that before I hosted it, but oh well theres you an example.

That is 400px high, and 1600px wide. Let me know if that is the correct size you would like.
If I had more FRIH$ I would give them.

As far as the size of the image goes, your right. Thats big. Maybe the height should be closer to 200px.

The width can be changed I guess. I just wanted it to spread across the whole page even on high res screens. But in retrospect, that is quite big. You can make it a bit smaller if you like.

I know I was specific with what I wanted. But it is meant to be a guide - Things can be changed.
The low-resolution viewer will have some problems to browse your webpage..
Ghost Rider103
Sorry for taking kind of a long time for a reply, I got a little busier than expected.

It's no problem about being descriptive, that is a good thing. I'm just making sure all of your information is correct before I actually start anything.

I don't have anything planned for tomorrow, so if nothing comes up then I will have a free day to work something out for you.
Thats ok.

Thanks for confirming what I wanted. And since Frih$ isnt "real" money, I can understand that other things are more important. So that is ok too.

Ghost Rider103
No problem. Can you give me an example color scheme? It's kind of hard to come up with a random one, because I don't know what the colors are of the webstie that this is oging on.

I could use pink and green, and those colors may be nowhere near your color scheme for your website, so it's best you give me something to work with color wise, that way I don't have to change it once im finished, because that can be hard in vector work.
I'm not sure.

I was thinking yellows, but now I'm leaning towards blues. The domains is going to have "sky" in it, so I'm thinking the colour scheme should in some way reflect the colours of the sky. You can use your own judgement if you like.
Ghost Rider103
Ok thanks, this helps a lot.
Are you still doing this for me?
Ghost Rider103
Yeah im sorry it's taking so long.

I have started it, but a paid job had came up for me, so I had to get that out of the way first.

Just give me a few more days so I can find some extra free time to get working on it again. Sorry for such delay, if someone else wants to try this offer aswell then please do so, since it might take me a couple more days.
I was just checking. Cheers.
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