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Mega Man 2!

Hey all,

I remember putting this game on my Christmas list years ago, and boy am I glad I did. It turned out to be one of my favorite games ever!

Mega Man II is perhaps the best of the original series on the NES. It may not have a fantastic plot, but those of us who remember the NES days weren't too concerned with plot anyway (remember, you were Mario going to rescue the Princess from the clutches of King Koopa). Mega Man II introduced a few things to the series that the first one lacked. The biggest new assest was perhaps the Energy Tank. While you could only carry four, it was nice that for once I didn't have to go back and forth killing enemies for energy pellets.

The gameplay was a step up for this. Mega Man II also has more balanced difficulty. It isn't just the energy tanks, it's that you're more likely to survive in cases where you can't. There are eight robot masters as opposed to six, and the weapons are a little better. The element of Robot Masters being weak to other Robot Master weapons is still there, and it works out even better here than it did in the first one. It's a bit more unpredictable.

The difficulty may be balanced, but it isn't by any means the hardest of the Mega Man series (the first one is). It's actually one of the easier ones in the series. The bulk of the difficulty may come from Quick Man's stage, and even that can be taken care of quite easily. Taking on the robot masters a second time is also pretty easy when you've got all their weapons to use against them, and they always drop an energy pellet that restores probably more damage than they'll do to you. In other words, the game is not a challenge. There are still moments where it's difficult, but for the most part, unlike the first game, it seems more managable than the first game.

The music is also a lot better, and so are the graphics. There are fewer graphical glitches, and the music gets stuck in your head for a long time. Mega Man II is a huge step above the original Mega Man in all respects. It plays better, it's not nearly as difficult (even on the difficult setting) and has fantastic music to boot. This is the Mega Man game that serves as the staple for the series.

Keep it real...
Well, it ain't a comic, but it was one of my favorites back when I was a kid spending hours on my NES (which still works great, by the way). I'm not sure I ever beat Quickman's stage, but I think I was 15 or so the last time I tried. The music was truly fantastic. The band The Advantage does some excellent covers of the music from Metalman, Bubbleman, and Flashman's stages.
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By the way, Megaman 3 > Megaman 2. Smile In fact it has some of Megaman 2's Robot Masters in it, that's how much better it was. Wink
It's a classic game.

I wish I could play the original ones again. Very Happy
Yunno what I miss from the newer megman games? Protoman! well not so much protoman, but his intro song that he plays on the whistle is awesome. I don't know why but I loved it the first time i heard it, and always will.
Megaman 2 > Megaman 3 for sure, its simplicity (and good music) makes it great. Too bad the Flashman timestopper wasn't good for anything except Quickman.
I consider all the 8-bit Megaman games a classic. I wonder if Megaman 9 will ever come out.
Well, this guy disagrees.
Arnie wrote:
Megaman 2 > Megaman 3 for sure, its simplicity (and good music) makes it great. Too bad the Flashman timestopper wasn't good for anything except Quickman.

Well it's kinda like how Topman's ability wasn't useful except for fighting against Shadowman.
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