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latex compiler for scientific workplace

I have been editing some tex files on my scientiofic workplace installation, but when I click the compile button, it doesnt do anything. I am afraid that i should download some latex compiler program and associate it with my scientific workplace installation, but not sure of that. I have been lokking for something about this an the scientific workplace help files but didnt find anything useful, neither after googling during two hours.

Would someonde with knowledge about the scientific workplace programm help my on configuring it so that I can attach to it a compiler and be able to see the dvi files?

Thanks a lot for any help on that.
Studio Madcrow
What OS are you using? If you're using Windows, the main TeX/LaTeX distribution is called mikTeX. On everything else (aka the Unix world, including OS X) you should use TeX Live.
If you're looking for something simple you might try LyX. Linux only though I think.
I forgot exactly what I used last year... but boy did it suck Sad.
There is a Windows version of LyX.
I tried using it, and couldn't grow to like it after being used to TeXnicCenter on top of MikTeX.
I felt like if I wanted a wysiwyg text editor, open office might be the way to go.
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