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Linksys: BEFW11s4 v.4 (needs network technician response)

I have this piece of junk router that we're trying to... well.. here.. little backstory:

I live in rural Michigan. We have 240 acres. My aunt lives on the other side of the property. Using a Buffalo (M/N: WHR-HP-G54) as our AP, we're throwing a signal to her using a 19dbi parabolic. As of today, we FINALLY got 4 bars on the S-Meter, receiving on a USB dongle with a rubber duck. We hooked a Vagi on her end and maintained the 4 bars, but gained a higher speed. Now, she has multiple computers over there... so... what we're trying to do is use my POS BEFW11S4 v4 Linksys on her end to act as a bridge.

Does ANYONE know if it's possible to set up this model to connect to an access point and retransmit to a client and vice versa?

I know there's some third party software out there that seriously helps with this (DD-WRT for example), but they do not support the BEFW series.

Any help on this would be excellent. We have been fighting with this for way too long now. Finally got the parabolic about 30 feet in the air running on LMR-600, finally got a good and highly usable signal to her... to be stopped by this. Very frustrating.
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