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Tibia RPG

Hello , are someone here playing tibia?

Im playing tibia and i would give you an account if you need Razz , i got boted upp more then 10 characthers. So just send me a PM so can i fix it. Smile

Good greetings

I hate Tibia. Almost 80% of my country population (I mean, people in their ages 13-1Cool are playing this piece of shit game. Starting at graphics - I know it's 2D - but for god's sake - I played hundreds, if not thousands of 2D and nothing had so bad graphics as this - I played it for 10 minutes and I've had enough for my life - what an eyesore! My head kept banging, as well as eyes for the next few days - it was horrible!

Also, there is no sound. Do I have to get high to imagine the sound? Ah, not to mention, there's no animation. And most people playing Tibia is too stupid to get the english grammar right. Everyone just making grammar/spelling mistakes. I don't know what's funny in that mistakes.

Also, you will probably say - enjoyment is the most important. Well? There is not any enjoyment for me... the game sucks, really. I don't recommend it to anyone. Please stay with Lineage II and WOW, will you?
This game doesn't work on my Pc...
This is true, If you don't trust, it's your problem... Confused
I might enjoy playing it on my laptop, as it doesn't have a very good graphics card. I will look into it, but if you want to send me an account, I would probably open one Smile .

Edit: I just signed up and made an account. I will start playing sometime in the future!
Nooo, Tibia thread Smile Lock It Smile
And seriously, I really hate this game, Personally I Think it`s for kids with poor PCs Smile
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