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Vegans and eggs

i know what i am about to say would probably piss off other vegans. But i am a vegan, havebeen for nearly two years now.

i dont eat animals stuff because i dont agree with the way they are treated and etc.

my friend has chickens in his garden, they dont have a cage. the run free and arnt being raised to be eaten, they will be buried in the bottom of his garden. he has offerd me eggs. and i have accepted because i dont think this goes against my beliefs as a vegan.

so technicaly i will stop being a vegan.
can i still call
my other worry is that i have built up an intolerance. i know this can happen with milk. but what about eggs. does anyone kn0w?

i am still debating weather or not to accept the eggs. i am surprisingly torn, i think i just dont like the idea of eating the eggs anymore.
simply your a vegatarian.
honestly whats in a name anyway.
I personaly think it would be stupid not to try them.
they are a great source of protien and so long as they
havent been fertilized your only eating half the chicken Smile.
if your a vegi for the sake of the animals or the chemicals in the
produce well this is your way into a normal healthy diet with out
eating your own body weight in mushrooms (which I love) and
dont be the kind of person that says I must be what this name says
I am.
be the kind of person who says I belive in this and that is what I do.
your hurting no living creature by doing this and so long as your
no going to react to the egg your doing your self a great deal of good.

if your the type to be real allergic to this kind of food try having a small
amount of the egg scrambled. personaly I think you biggest problem eating
them if your not used to them is there flavour.
still being carefull might not hurt.

now to answer to the best of my knowlage your health
question as some one who studied chem at uni.
lactose is what makes people react to milk.
some people can also be casein intollerant.

casein is in eggs milk bread wheat and many other things.
there is also a component in the egg's white that can make people
allergic to them.

having said I think only milk and the reaction of lactose with the stomach
wall would be a problem. this is why cows milk is not good for babies
as there stomachs are not used to it.

I would try the eggs. Plus if you go to hell at least you will be warm.
I think you should try the eggs if you want to, the fact the hens are looked after with care and love, plus they're not fertilized would give me enough comfort to go for it if I were you.
I'm veggie, formally vegan, so I still steal from animals, but buy free range eggs always, and can hardly look myself in the mirror about milk far more than eggs - I used to keep happy laying hens myself, and had no problem with eating their morning surprises, but milk and the poor mother cows, hmm thats another story.
...and after reading your post and thinking of my reply I really am questioning myself again.
Go for the eggs yeah and enjoy them, I bet those happy hens eggs taste absolutely gorgeous!
i couldnt do it in the end. i couldnt bring myself to take the eggs, i felt like a smoker just having given up, deciding to have, "just one more cigerette" but thanks fir your opinions chaps.

But i decided to leave the eggs to the hens.
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