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Nitro RC Cars

I am thinking about buying a Nitro RC Car,I have no idea which models are better than others..
A long time ago a brought a rc car kit a "Lazer ZX" it was very difficult to assemble "Well I was young" but after help from my dad we built it and I was most disappointed to find after a couple of minutes the batteries where dead!
So I have been wondering are the batteries better these days or should I go the nitro energy instead?
Buying nitro RC car would be much better choice as expenses with it are much lower than the RC cars with batteries. However, batteries have much higher capacities nowadays than few years ago and they don't have memory effect as well, but they will loose their life time in about 1000 recycles.
RC cars are also faster Cool
Cool,thanks for the information do you have any tips which kind of model or brand to go for.
I diffinely thinking about glow fuel RC car rather than batteries.
They are so cool.. i had one once but my ´brother destroyed it:( i think u should buy one
If you ask me, definitely a nitro! For me, I get the thrill out of nitro than batteries. You get to play longer and no worries about bringing your battery pack with you to charge and all that. Its the roaring sound of the engine that excites and make it fun to play with RC cars.

I bought my first RC car called F150. Its a pick-up truck and 1/8 scale. Some like 1/10 touring cars but I found it rather too small. The 1/8 scale is more fun, bigger and more punch.

The only downside is that it gets dirty faster than a battery operated RC. I guess it depends on where you play it. I used to play it on grass. A lot of the loose grass gets into the engine part and mixed with fuel, gets very sticky and hard to remove. So, I hand-made a simple mudguard to block grass from entering. It does help but still you need to clean it after each play.

Nitro is definitely the way to go Smile Have fun and play safe.
I also think Nitro RC cars are very interesting, very cool invention. For me, although I find them so awesome, I do not purchase however as that cost seems a bit high. Maybe it is the fad phenomenon, eh? Because often when something will be so popular, the demand will go so high and the supply stay the same or rise slightly, but not enough. And so as a result, the price rieses also! But someday, maybe I will have one too. I hope you do buy that and have a good time with it Smile Also sorry for the commenter who noted that his is broken... Sad
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