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Trade-in my old Macbook Pro? (Australia)

Hi Guys,

I have a question. Last year I bought a Macbook Pro for my job.

The specs on the machine I bought:

Macbook Pro 15inch
2.33 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
160GB 5400rpm HDD

I’ve just seen the updated Macbook Pro on the Apple site and I am wondering what would be the cost in trading in/upgrading my machine to the following:

Macbook Pro 15inch
2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
250GB 5400 rpm HDD
Apple Remote – are they not part of “what’s in the box” anymore??

What are my options here guys?
I doubt that you would be able to upgrade. Trading in PC's even ones only a year old is really not worth it in my humble opinion. From day one their value drops drastically. This does happen a little less with macs but your still probably not going to get more then 60-65% of what you paid for it.[/list]
yeah that's true champ. i think i might just put it on ebay with a buy it now price and see if it does sell. if not i will hang onto it. it's a rad machine and the only reason i would be updating is if it was under a grand to do so...
well, i found someone who was willing to pay $2500 for it, so it is sold!

also, i am buying a iMAC for work, and adding a new macbook pro to the order was able to sweeten the deal somewhat: i am now only paying an extra $733 for the new macbook pro! (factoring in the $2500 for selling the old one privately)

Da Rossa
I think you should stick with your current machine, unless you're willing to start a every-six-months-change scheme. Macs last longer. Why spend that money to complete the change?
well. considering i was going to upgrade the hdd soon anyway, as well as upgrading to leopard, i think the price of those and the higher spec processor for a total of 733 is a deal not to be given a second thought!

too late anyway, i have already ordered both the new macbook pro and the imac!
Da Rossa
man you're rich! Very Happy
not really, the iMAC was bought by work and i only forked out another 733 for the macbook pro (less the 2500 for my old model)
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