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So I was just watching some recruitment ads for this school.

It's the college that I want to go to - it's close so I can stay at home instead of getting myself into more debt than I need to by renting, the tuition is decent (which is a HUGE factor because I'm dirt poor), and it has a pretty good reputation.

Now, I THOUGHT I knew what course I wanted to take, but then I was like, "hey, why limit myself to the three year course with the very specific field? I should take a peek at these majors you can get with the bachelor of arts here..." (yes, I said bachelor of arts. I'm no good at math, science, or social studies - though history is interesting).

So I did. And most of them were fascinating. And now I have no effing clue what I want, other than to learn everything. The school has a general studies program specifically designed for people in my boat.

So I pose you this question (I know I have to answer it on my own; I just want some opinions here): Should I spend the extra time and money to find out what I really want to do by taking general studies (there's a full year and a half year version), or just go for the program I originally intended and see where things go from there?
first thought ... there is a reason it is called "going away to college". don't go to down the street university. Better to get out, and see something new. Yes, you will run up some loans, but you have you whole life to pay them off.

The average job right now lasts 1.5 years, get a good, well-rounded education... and be ready to roll as the job market does.
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