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split 6gb iso burn into 2 dvd-r

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Hi i would like to burn the 6gb iso file into 2 dvd-r, and when install just like other installer that continue to install on disc 2 or something... i hope you can share any ideas
To do something like that you would have to manipulate the original installer and make a new one.
It depends on how that installer is made, if it hasn't compressed/protected files you may recreate it with your own parameters.
What is that iso?
AOP Web Development
yes. it's an ISO file, so all i want is to split this ISO FILE into two so that it would fit on 2 DVD-R without damaging the files
If I remember Alcohol 120% schould be able to do that. Chcek burn options in this software.
Sorry, I understood that you wanted to remake the installer so it would run from two DVD instead of one Embarassed
In this case you can simply use, for example, WinRAR to split the iso file into two parts and then burn them to two DVD -R Wink
AOP Web Development
okay its 7gb ISO FILE then what i want is to burn it into 2 DVD-R instead of a DUal Layer DVD. it's a game installer, so what i want is if i install the first 1 it once you have install it will prompt that says insert disc 2 to continue the installation. something like that.. but if not possible then maybe i will just split it into two iso file.. and put it each in dvd-r. and extract it again when i want to burn it again.
Split in 2 files using Winrar and then extract them to your pc when you want to play the game and install by it.
BaggeN wrote:
Split in 2 files using Winrar and then extract them to your pc when you want to play the game and install by it.
......Well its true that u can install the game in this way but when u will try to play it u will see "please insert the correct dvd/cd and restart the aplycation".......u still have to burn the iso file.....(i recomend 7-zip to split it in two parts)....
if it's a games, just copy the iso on your hd and use virtual drive like magiciso or virtual clonedrive
i suggest you to use winrar and split it to dvd (it has it in its default split options) and then when you want to use that iso extact it using both dvds on your hard drive. another option is to extract the iso content on your hard drive and if there are many small files in it you can divide them to 2 groups and write each one on 1 dvd and then when you want to use that iso merge them in a folder on your hdd.
I agree with badai, mounting the 7 GB iso as a virtual disk is the best option here.
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