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ipod touch

i think that the ipod touch is totally amazing i have a 8 gig ipod touch that i got for christmas and i have it jailbroken and its totally amazing like you can do anything you want on it even check ur messages because it has wifi. i would like to hear other people's comments on the ipod touch
Arno v. Lumig
I wouldn't like an MP3 player you need to look at to change the song. Other then that it's pretty nice, and really not that expensive for what it does.
I'd like to have one that way i could check my mail with my wifi without having to get my laptop and all that.
I usually use my cell but it doesn't have wifi (moto q)
yea man i know what you mean lol
its a amzing piece of device.
I too have one, and I am constantly amazed by the technology we have.
Just look at how thin it is Shocked
I love my Touch, but I really think it would be better with hardware buttons to adjust the volume like on the iPhone. I know it is unlikely to happen with the new one's whenever they come out too though, since Steve Jobs hates buttons. Confused
The thing i like about the iPod touch's touch is that it is mutitouch.

I don't care much for single point touch devices like the old generation of touch screen phones and displays.

Multi touch is the way to go.

The volume control and the Play+Pause buttons should have an extra real button. Tactile feedback does have its advantages
it's a nice little thing, but 8 gigs a bit small.
yea i have the itouch and the iphone but i prefer the iphone because there is more things u can do on the iphone then the itouch
weableandbob wrote:
it's a nice little thing, but 8 gigs a bit small.

small!!?? I have an mp3 player 512Mb Sad
bri4n5 wrote:
weableandbob wrote:
it's a nice little thing, but 8 gigs a bit small.

small!!?? I have an mp3 player 512Mb Sad

i think he meant small compared to other devices with large storages such as the 80G and 160G ipod classics.

P.S. just got me a 16G iPhone last week Very Happy
its a lot thinner than I expected it to be.
I was expecting something pretty thick and noticeably different than my ipod touch, but it looks and feels great Very Happy

one more thing about the iphone that i like is that it has physical volume control buttons on the side so I can change the volume while listening to music without having to turn the screen on.
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