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Wireless USB

I heard about this a while back its the new wireless extension to USB that combines the speed and security of wired technology with the ease-of-use of wireless technology.I don't know if its been released yet but it would sure help me with all my cable chaos!
Are you talking about the USB pen drive sized Wi-Fi devices? I thought those gadgets were already out many years back? You've got those mixed Wi-Fi cum pendrive version, purely Wi-Fi USB pendrive sized ones, and all other kinds of USB Wi-Fi adapters. Even Draft-N versions have USB adapters. Don't really know what u r referring to so more information or a link would be great.
Yeah, I believe I know what you're talking about. Short range, high bandwidth Wireless Universal Serial Bus (WUSB) allows you to transfer data at the full 480 mbps within a three meter range, or 110 mbps within a 10 meter range. It's a substantial boost from bluetooth's 3 mbps. As far as I know, it's not built into any computers or motherboards, yet. I know that Dell offers it with their XPS M1330 (and I guess other models as well). However, it's not built in, but rather an external device (from Belkin, I think). You have a receiver hooked up to the computer, and a wireless USB hub to connect your peripherals in a 3 meter radius of your computer. The price is a little up there, but to me it seems like one sweet thing for printers, wireless game controllers, and various other devices. It's also one really nice thing for laptops since you can bring the laptop back from the road and place it on your desk without the hassle of hooking up other devices. I can't wait for this to become mainstream. Then I'll be able to save some space by putting my large laser printer somewhere else, without the need of a long USB cable running around the room.
Yeah I agree with the above post any thing wireless and doesnt need batteries and cuts down on the cable chaos has to be a good thing.
The price I hope will stable itself once the device to mass produced,motherboards probably will have the receiver built in if it takes off.
Fingers crossed for this new technology and I would predict the end of the year this thing will be everywhere or nowhere!?
We actually picked up a generic WLAN USB Connector. I WISH I could give you a model number, but it's THAT generic. I can't find one anyway. But anyway, it's seriously rivaling our 19dbi Parabolic antenna. It's now what we use for remote diagnostics wherever we go. It's only 54Mbps, but really... who cares? No internet connection touches that so it's perfect for diagnostics and even connectivity when needed. The thing has actually pulled us out of a couple signal jams.

The information I can give you that I DO know that should help you is the following:

Tx Power: 19 1dBm
Rx Sensitivity: 11Mbps: <-82dBm@8% PER
54Mbps: <-70dBm@8% PER
Operating: Up to 450M, depending on surrounding environment
Power Consumption: Tx: <350mA
Rx: <270mA
I/O Interface: USB2.0/1.1

I really don't know if those stats help you or not, but the Tx Power and Rx Sensitivity are the key factors in any RF situation.
i think that those seem pretty cool and interesting i would really love to have one or those for all of my equpiment i really hope they go somewhere and become part of our techical life
Just make sure you Linksys it!
it's good but many times stop working
yes.. its true
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