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A cat problem

My cat has a problem : it likes to make the space outside the door as its toilet.

From my experience, cats are very clean, and they do not normally do this type of thing, (I mean, they normally do it outside where there is good open space) but this cat, does it, day after day. My parents are going crazy and saying things like not letting it near the house at all, which I don't want to do.

Is there any way to make it stop this habit and do it where it is supposed to do?
You can sprinkle mothballs in the area you don't want them to visit.

Another method is to poke a bunch of toothpicks half way straight down into the ground.
Cats won't like this mine field poking their feet.
Personally I'd go with the toothpick method. You could also buy a bag of sand and spread it out in an area of the yard that you wouldn't mind them using as a bathroom. My cats always go for the place with the softer soil/sand.

I had an issue with them using my garden as a litter box and I bought the scarecrow:

Works great at keeping them out of my garden, trying to keep them away from a front door with it might not works so well though..

Good luck!
Mine tried this too, last summer. He prefers cozy and private places, like under the deck or in the neighbors' deck shade, so it was easier to fight this: our own under deck space was cut off by the plastic lattice, and the near neighbors' deck - paved by several stepping stones. Smell has to be compensated by readily available aerosol sprays before this.
Well, thanks to the three of you.

@jwellsy - It is the area right outside the front door, so toothpicks won't work. I've got to try the mothball idea though. Thanks. Smile

@miacps - I am trying to get them to use some other area as a bathroom, and I will try this. Thanks for the idea. Smile

@Crinoid - Since it is outside the front door and a tiled area, doing that isn't possible. I'll try to repel them with some smell. Thanks! Smile

Is it true that cats hate the smell of eucalyptus oil and lemon?
We bought some powdery type stuff from a pet store that has a very strong scent that the cat doesn't like (not really noticable by humans). Our cats avoided the area after we sprinkled it in the appropriate place.

The cat will soon find another place to make a toilet, hopefully somewhere more convenient for your family, and so you probably won't need to reapply the powder again. It's worth a shot anyway I think.
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