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Have you ever read something in a different language?

Have you ever read something in a different language without realizing it? I have done this several times with instructions in products, and Frihost posts. It is really freaky when you read it, and understand for a few seconds, but as soon as you realize it is not english (or whatever your language is) you can't read it anymore. I guess most languages have some overlap of vocabulary.
Well, I usually identify the text language quickly. Galician is the language most similar to mine, so some times when I start reading a writing in it I might think for 2 seconds it's Iberian Portuguese, but through minor aspects I know it's Galician.
Crazy and cool! But no, I have actually newer done that before Confused

That was really strange...
Boffel, even with other Scandinavian languages? People say that there are some things that are very similar among them. Smile
Well, I read Spanish children's books for practice in that language, but I've yet to truly experience the not-realizing-its-a-different-language effect you mention, though I have had just enough of a taste of that to make it worthwhile to get more practice. Once I'm done with training, I want to get fluent in Spanish and learn Russian.
^Ya ne govoryu po-russky, but I know the alphabet. Smile I wish you good luck with it.
I'm able to read and understand the general idea behind the text in many languages - but realizing, what I'm doing Laughing .
And this is without any inborn language talents, more the opposite.

But reading (based on recognition and associations) is much easier, than speaking (based on active and very fast recollection of memorized words, sets of rules and social strata proprieties, that books and classes will not teach).

1. Many languages are related, even if they are using the different alphabet, like Cyrillic based and and Polish, Czech, Serbian. The farther they drift apart - the more difficult to read, but still a lot of common words.
2. After being involved with Spanish, it makes possible to read Italian and partially understand the Portuguese.
3. All languages are using a lot of international words, present in many languages, it helps too - can catch some meanings in Greek. But if the country of origin historically was using a lot of French words, it is very frustrating to find that the English equivalents are very different.
4. Fingernails biting and totally useless are trials to understand Dutcfh, Hungarian, Finnish and Scandinavian languages, not mentioning Japanese, Chinese and similar languages, even with dictionary.

Blessed be the search engines' automatic translation tools! One can read even Japanese websites, and much more details are not lost, as with intuitive, related languages reading. Only pity, that they translate well from German to English, but (as the Germans say) make terrible translation from English to German, unusable.

Interesting topic!
Writing, no not really. However since I can speak fluently German sometimes I can catch some things that I hear coming from Dutch speakers and for a moment I would think it's German until some aspects of what they're saying makes me realize that it really isn't. It's actually Dutch. I really don't think that I have done such a thing like that through writing. Maybe it's just English cognates that you notice in different languages.
fpwebs wrote:
Maybe it's just English cognates that you notice in different languages.
I think it is the cognates, and the fact that I can speak a little German, and a tiny bit of French, Spanish, and a weensy bit of Latin and Hebrew. The languages are all really similar and there is a little overlap.
I read Tolkien "The Lord of the Rings" and Hemingway "Old man and the Sea" in English.
Also I study German and French now, already speaking Ukrainian and Russian.
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