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Wanted to Buy an Handy Cam

Folks -

I need to buy an Handy Cam - Probably HD - HDD. Recently i was impressed with this item, SONY HDR - SR12. Wanted to do a price comparison and googled for this product.

I could see the average price of this product in leading outlets to be between 950 and 1600 US $'s.

But in the Sponsored results section, i could see the following results -

HDR-SR12 - $849.00 Buy & Save Big On HDR-SR12 InStock, Ships Today-Free Shipping!
HDR-SR12 - $869.00 Prices starting as Low as $869.00 Compare Prices, Read Reviews & Save
HDR-SR12 USA $529.00 Buy Direct,Top Service, Fast Shipping, USA Warranty!

Especially the Is this site ok to buy ?? I have not heard of this. Iam not a Premanent Resident of US. But i do take business visits sometime or the other.

Also comment on -


Quiet Costlier Camera... But would like to buy it cheaper Razz

Keep Smiling !!!! - Keep Living !!!
Well you will want to make sure they ship out of the country, if you will be having it shipped. Many stores don't ship out of the country because of different regulations, and other hassles. I am not familiar with any of those companies, I would venture to guess they only sell online and don't have real store fronts. If you search the name of the company and the word review you should be able to find reviews of the companies. Either way good luck, some of the handy cams are nice. I don't think I would ever get a HD camera though. Hard drives are just too sensitive, and have such a high failure rate. You also wouldn't be able to save a hard copy of the raw videos for future use. Whereas with mini-DV, you can also save the raw video files in case something happens to the digital ones on your computers hard drive. Either way good luck with your purchase.
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