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I've read that Pear is installed on the server, I've also read about pear directories (but I don't see them), I've also read about pear can be installed by the user.

Can someone tell me how can I install pear for my site? I did it for my localhost with the script, but I have no idea how to do it on Frihost. I want Pear-OLE


PEAR executables directory bin_dir /usr/local/bin
PEAR documentation directory doc_dir /usr/local/lib/php/doc
PEAR directory php_dir /usr/local/lib/php
PEAR data directory data_dir /usr/local/lib/php/data
PHP CLI/CGI binary php_bin /usr/local/bin/php
PEAR test directory test_dir /usr/local/lib/php/test

I have no idea where these directories are.

I solved the needs for my project that time without using pear, but now I'm interested in using Pear Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer. Could someone answer my old question. I still don't know how to use the pear installed in the server. I'm on (I don't know the number of the server). I really appreciate help. I need it as soon as it could come.

P.S. I've searched through the forums, and I haven't found out how to do it.
PEAR in hosting environments

If you are running your site at a web hosting provider with no direct access to the server (via local logins, Telnet or SSH), you can use the PEAR Installer using the Web Frontend.

Go to and save as go-pear.php. Copy go-pear.php to your server and open the corresponding URL in your browser, for example

that is for pear itself, and that is probably what you heard about. As for the packages, I don't think you can install those as there was nothing about that in the manual.
As far as I know, pear is already installed in (according to info.php file, it is there), but I still don't know how to call it, I don't have access to the mentioned folders. That's the information I need, how to call the pear already installed here.

If I installed pear as you mentioned in the manual, would be pear installed in my public_html folder?
Fire Boar
Yeah, because this is run on a Linux server, everyone's accounts are in the /home directory (such as /home/yourname) and that's the filesystem you have access to. But above that level you've got other directories, for example apache (the web server) might be installed in /usr/local/apache2, which is inaccessible by the user (us) but accessible by the server.

What you have there is the default directories for these files. I'm not sure where Frihost puts the PEAR files though.
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