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Monitor - what to look for?

Hi all,

I just "inherited" a PC (have been using a laptop until now) but need to buy a proper flat screen for it as it came with one of those tanky CRTs. I've been looking around at what one to by but there seems to be vast differences in price for similar specs like response rate etc.

I'm in the UK and seem to have some good deals and I was hoping I could pick your collective brain on what to look out for. How does this one look:,4294958111


It seems pretty good. Heck I'm still using a 15" Phillips LCD I brought 3-4 years ago. It was one of the best ones around at that time. The most important thing IMO is the size, max resolution and response time (5ms is the best around I think). Also make sure the manufacturer has a clear dead pixel warranty. One of my friend had a few black spots on his screen just a month after he brought it and had a headache getting support and response from the manufacturer. Smile
That looks pretty good. I also have a 19 inch widescreen LCD, but a viewsonic one and it does the job for everyday stuff.

That looks a little expensive though, I got mine for around $160 (about 80).
Looks okay but I would go with a 22inch Widescreen, in the US you can find them from $250 to $350. I like them because they are big enoght to give you page by page viewing.
Thanks for the advice guys a bigger monitor would be nice but it's a little outside my price range. We get ripped off with electronics in the UK.


wirst of all decide what matrix do you want to have and for what purposes: playing game, edition of photos, watching moivies... (as you know there are several types of them: TNT, PVA, S-PVA, MVA and others). you can read about matrixes types in according webpages..
IF you want to play games and/or play movies you will want to look at monitors with refresh rates of less then 8 ms. 8 is too high, will cause flicker and low quality image when fast motion is occuring on screen. 5 ms is by no means the "best around" it is about average. For a decent picture you would want to get a monitor with 2ms response time. I still use CRT's because I am not very impressed with the quality of LCD's.
After refresh time you would want something with high resolution. I'm guessing that you will be looking at wide screen monitors so you want something with 1680x1050 or higher. This makes for a nicer picture again.
Finally size. For a nice monitor you want at least nineteen inches, but 22 inches have better value for money.
i would definally recomend the acer moniters because iv been able to rely on them a bit and as i found out there pretty durable one day my moniter smashed to the ground along with a bunch of speakers and the speakers hit the lcd screen and obunced off then the moniter fall and only a tiny piece of plastic around the moniter was broken luckly tho i was able to patch it up tho
From my experience Acer's are all over the place. I can't vouch for how reliable they are but some of them trully suck when others are pretty good. You're better off going in with a bigger, more reliable brand.
Hi all - thanks for the responses.

I went for the Dell 1908FP and got it for just 100 so that's good. Here it is:

Thanks again.
I know its a little late, especially becouse u bought it already, but i wanted to add one more thing:

Never look too serious at the specs that are given, just go to the stores and look at them, becouse what u think is good, is good for you. And always nice if u are allowed to touch the things, but background on white, then u can see if everything is really white, or some spots are whiter then other spots, or some spots are dead
I agree with the poster above me even though I've come in late as well. Whatever looks better to your eyes Smile
Kelcey wrote:
I agree with the poster above me even though I've come in late as well. Whatever looks better to your eyes Smile

Samsung has been looking really nice to me Smile
I like to buy a new LCD screen, but it is hard for me to decide on, because it is hard to find honest reviews on this subject. At the moment I have an 19 inch 3:4 monitor of 5 years old and I like to pass it to my childrens computer to gain some space and at the same time have more pixelspace for myself.
A 24 inch monitor 1920x1200 looks ideal, but most applications still use 3:4 ratio and only would look very distorted. Only for watching movies 16:10 is interesting, which I can do on my TV. A 1600x1200 20 inch monitor is an option, but is as expensive as a 24 inch wide screen. Also the choice between relatively cheap monitors with TN displays or much SPVA versions is difficult to make. Anyone any comment on this ?
I have a AOC 19'' LCD WideScreen Monitor and I am so happy with it. I recommend it to everyone who want buy a new LCD monitor. Besides, it's cheaper than other 19'' LCD monitors
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