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any ideas what to do after studying japanese?

Hey there fellas...

I really want to learn japanese, and everything about their culture.. I was thinking about studying japanese. do you know what I could do after studying japanese? is there any "job" i could focus on where theres a need of japanese knowledge? or even in japan? do you think they would accept an austrian women in their country?

I think it's easier for a foreigner of Japanese descent to be "accepted" there, but if you demonstrate real interested in their country, culture, lifestyle and so on, I think you will receive a warm welcome.

Is there a Japanese community in your region? It'd be awesome if you talked with them about these things. Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan (and they are mostly in my city), so I could find this kind of info easilly for me, but I don't know much yet.
Is Japan itself the priority?
Or is it the whole oriental culture that you find appealing?
The reason I point out the difference is because the Japanese marketplace is extremely crowded.

Also, the language most often spoken in the world is Mandarin Chinese.
So learning Mandarin would be a lot more internationally versatile than Japanese.

China is the new frontier on the world economic stage.
There is a massive ebb of the worlds wealth and brain trust flowing into China.

A person could do extremely well by learning Mandarin Chinese and studying international patent laws. It should be easy to position yourself somewhere in that flow of money as an international patent attorney or business person.
You can be a language instructor or maybe a lecturer teach language and the culture in your own local university after getting master.
filet wrote:
You can be a language instructor or maybe a lecturer teach language and the culture in your own local university after getting master.

Good idea. Smile I just wonder what will his/her students do after learning it. Wink
I know several people who teach English in Japan after learning the Japanese language. Might work for you.
Teaching English in Japan would be great, but here's another idea:

You could be a professional translator. Either for other businesses, or you could have your own business of translating for tourists. I hear there's lots of money in translating! $_$
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