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phpBB 3

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Firstly, I understand that this is on the list of things that shouldn't be suggested list, but after using phpbb 3, it has some seriously cool features that Frihost will never have.

The first thing thats different is this button I found just now:

That button takes you to the first unread post, something that was discussed here. Now, it is possible for Bondings to hand code this in, but would upgrading make it so much easier?

Those buttons Print the topic and Email the topic. This can help with publicity because members could email topics to friends, and it would make it much easier to print (along with affixing the logo and maybe a few other clever advertisements to page when printing). Again, this wouldn't be hard to code, but when you upgrade to bb3, there's no work involved.

See the top one, I posted in that topic. The same can't be said for the bottom 2. phpBB 3 displays which topics you've posted in when browsing the site, so it makes it easier for us to know where we posted and where we didn't post. This one is a little tricky to hand code, but if you upgrade it comes standard.

Friends and Foes.
With a community as big as ours, I think that's friends are a must have. It allows us to see (and highlight) where our friends have made posts. This could encourage more posting, as it allows us to see where our friends have posted, and might make us post in the same topic.

Improved Post Manager.
This is really easy to 'steal' from phpBB 3. Just copy and paste the Javascript into this page and its updated. But phpbb also offers you to save drafts and has an improved draft manager. You can also have attachments, but I don't think that's necessary here.

Now thats only the tip of the iceberg. phpBB 3 has improved security and runs on mysqli (bb2 could do as well, but I am uneducated with that). Now it may be a big job (with the improvement's Bondings has made) but I think that we (the community, Bondings and the Hard-working moderators) have to decide. Is it worth taking 2 steps back in order to progress 5 steps forward? Would we mind waiting another year (or two) and have one upgrade in one, or would we rather have gradual changes to the existing code?

Because it's on the not to suggest list.
I'll explain why it is.

First Bondings should decide since he is the one who will have to do it. We can all want it but if Bondings doesn't there is no way this is going to happen.

Second Bondings doesn't have a lot of time, and because he did a lot of tweaking and modification to this forum it will take a lot of time to add those things to the new forum.

Also all AWITS will be lost because phpBB3 has it's own warning system.

And the cash mod (points and frih$ system) doesn't have a stable release out for phpBB3.
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