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Guess who
Who do u guys/Girls think will go to the superbowl this year? i think the Eagles wont make it to the playoffs cause they are having team drama like the T.O problem and the Pats might make it again if they played like they did last year and i like the raiders but they wont make it they just suck now
Well Guess Who, In The NFC.....

The Eagles have a good chance, but the Patherns will have something to say about it. By the way......those are the 2 teams that will play in the championship. And the winner......

I picked the Eagles in a earlier discussion, BUT the more I think about - the more I like the Panthers chances....... Panthers 31 - Eagles 27.

In my opion, The AFC looks like this.....

Pats....always have a chance. Why? Because of the Head coach. But, the have lost their offensive and defense coordinators. Not to mention, some players. I do believe they will make it to the champonship, BUT the Colts will beat them, because they will be playing Indianapolis.

Colts 34 - Pats 27

Superbowl XL

Colts 34 - Panthers 24!
I think the Steelers and Eagles will be in the super bowl.
i think the bucaneers has a great chance in winning the superbowl this season... they have a good start this season.. hopefully, they can maintain the momentum and grab the superbowl... Smile
Definitely NOT THE PATRIOTS!!!!! Just that alone makes my life whole!!!!!
So for all you patriots fans out there: suck this!!!!
I think the eagles and the steelers will be in the superbowl those two teams have a relally good chance to go but im a little bit worried about how the eagles performed last night with thier loss to the dallas cowboys 33 - 10 that is crazy!!
I want my Lions to be at their own Superbowl... but I don't think it's going to happen... our QB and offensive line is pretty porous and bad. Sad
i think its a very funny sport but i dont understand any of them rules it just funny to watch americans smashing into each other over a little brown ball. great sport 10+++
S3nd K3ys
It will be the Padres for sure. Shocked And they'll play the Raiders
The Patriots are too banged up but the return of Teddy Bruchi will be a big boost for them, but I think the colts are gonna make it past them this year.
Ok whoever was makin fun of football can just hush hush
I believe everyone has proven football is the most popular its watched more than any sport... the games are more exciting than any sport... and like i stated before it gets the highest TV Ratings ever!
NEwayz i have to stick up for my team the Eagles... Donovan McNabb is the heart of that team and has one of the biggest hearts to ever play QB in the NFL he always fights... I mean look at all his injuries and he still gets the eagles through their games... Look what happened against the cowboys... If McNabb would have stayed in the whole game i honestly believe that game is a wrap... I mean look at the chiefs game... what happened... look at the game that was just played today... lol McNabb didnt pull the eagles through that but... The Eagles held the best RB (LT) in the league right now and possibly the best RB to what was it 5 yards rushing and 26 recieving... and he didnt get a TD i think LT had gotten a touchdown for 18 consecutive games... NEWayz from the AFC??? I would like the Colts to go but... they seem to eff it up in the Playoffs... I pick the Bengals cause Chad Johnson impresses me Day in and Day out (Steve Smith is still more impressive) (and Terrell Owens is the man in his green #81)
So Eagles Win the Superbowl
(if they can get their running game back)
i heard this speculation on the radio the other day and i think it would be awesome.... COLTS vs. GIANTS ...peyton vs eli would be a killer super bowl Surprised
i think the colts are going to take it this year

Colts are the team to beat right now... I actually really wanna see the Bengals in it, haha.
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