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my screen shows fuzy horizontal lines just after logging in

okay so the other night i was playing with my mhz speed on my geforce 6200 AGP and pressed acept my screen kept flickering then when i restarted it logged in but then showd brown and yello lines going acreoss both the tv anf monitor, then i reinstalled my drivers and it worked fine till the next day as it started to do the same weird lines so i reinstalled the drivers did some heavy gaming to test if i had fixed it and it seemed fine so i went out baught a geforce 7300 AGP and i set it up and it seemed fine except the heat problem which imgoing to make a new thread about but then i restarted the computer as i wanted to move my sound card further away from my graphics card, and then when it powerd up it had the same lines so it cant be the graphics card that isnt working as iv replaced the existing non working card and it cant be the monitor as it happens on both the tv and monitor. so im stuck for knowing what the problem could be. if anyone knows plwase help
It could have something to do with the refresh rate i.e. 70 hz instead of 60 or whatever it should be.
I think it was down to my operating system having the drivers with the over clocked settings half installed somewhere because ov reformated my computer and it seems to be running fine so far if this hasnt worked i will let you all know but it seems to be working with any luck.
IF you're getting those kinds of lines distortions on the screen, do they go away and then come back periodically depending on what software you're displaying on the screen...or?

It might have to do with your video drivers, but sometimes you get lines like that randomly when there is a refresh rate problem with the display.
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