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How to inform Seach Engines about your Sitemap

k guys, I made three tutorials, one was about how to make a sitemap.xml, one was about sitemapindex file and one was robots.txt All these tutorials to inform the SE and get crwaled ina shorter time and better.

Now we are gonna learn, after making our robots.txt and sitemap.xml how can we get searched by google? First of all, Google or other search engines, crwal your site, even if you don't do anything, but this may take some time, sometimes a month. Here we will try to invite the search bots to search our site in a shorter time, in a better way for more results from our site, and shorter time so it can crawl more.

There are few ways to inform search engines about your sitemap file. We will start from the easiest one.

1 - I recommend you to insert a line in your "robots.txt" that where your sitemap.xml file is ( or if you gzipped it, where your sitemap.gz ,, or how da hell you named it). Just a simple line like this

2 - Second way is to send an http request. This one is easy too. What we gonna do is step by step, go to your web browser's address bar, write the search engine's URL first, then " /ping?sitemap= " , tho we need to encode this in UTF-8, so it will look like this " /ping? "
Here is an example, let's say we want to send Google Bot a request and we want to inform it about our sitemap, we must type this into the web browser address bar => " "
for yahoo for example, we have to type, or for ask we have to write the true search URL. Be careful. This works usually, sometimes it doesnot, it opens another webpage sometimes, prolly cus of a mistake we make on the address, so try again.

3 - This is the last way, go to the web search engine homepage and log in to user interface and submit your Sitemap via the search engine's submission interface. This , tho the hardest one, is the best hence you can watch the traffic on each page, for ex. on google.

Hope this be helpful.

It was really a helpful thread dear friend. Expecting more helpful tips from your side.
thanks, glad it helps ppl.
Thanks a lot, that's very useful tutorial & informative, however, I so wonder are we really need a Sitemap to get better ranking. If we have built our site properly and ensured its crawler-friendly, do we still require a Sitemap? Is it necessary and does it guarantee higher ranking?
if you prepare your website according to crawler-friendly steps, then you will get searched, but if you make a sitemap for your website, the search bot especially Googlebot, will know which page is more important for you and it will list it before the others, and it will know how often your website gets updated or changed, then it will know your website is active and will crawl more often, and it will know when the website last updated so when ppl make an advanced search and if they choose to make a search on for example last 1 year, then google will show your website ahead.

sitemap has few advantages, you can read more about sitemap, I have posted a topic under SEO and SEARCH ENGINES section.
Thanks again for your advice.
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