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The BOWEN method for healing

Has anyone heard of bowen method?

I am not trying to promote or something. I am not sure if I can post the link in here so I will make only the suggestion to Google for bowen therapy or Bowtech and tell me what you think of.

I'll wait for yor comments.

P.S I find it very interesting and realistic knowing that everything is vibrations including our bodys
ovidiuo wrote:
Has anyone heard of bowen method?

Not until just now, but the rule of thumb is that anything that claims to be a method of healing is quackery. The human body is a complex machine and it is therefore completely unreasonable to expect one technique to work for a wide variety of problems.

Nobody seriously claims that changing the spark plugs in a car will fix a flat tyre. Why would it be different for the human body?
Sounds like quackery, however it is worth looking into.
The Bowen method is an alternative and natural technique that should and is used with other techniques to help a person heal. Many people have gotten better from using it and it is now a standard service offered by many naturopaths in the world. It is just like the use of acupuncture, hypnosis, or psychotherapy. It doesn't claim to fix ALL health problems and is specifically targeted for intestinal or digestive problems. Hope this helps.
Err...well, you'll have to pardon my scepticism (that's the sort of person I am).
I did try to find any non-anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of this technique in the proper journals, but I failed. I'm afraid that, to me, this is one more in a long line of 'miracle cure' techniques that rely on nothing more than placebo effect and a large helping of 'woo'.
The Bowen 'technique' is mainly touted as a 'cure' for backpain and other skeletal and muscular problems - frozen shoulders being a favourite. 'Therapists' do claim that it works on absolutely anything, of course, including irritable bowel syndrome and the like (they would say that, wouldn't they?).

I wouldn't take the trouble to reply on this 'woo-woo' normally, since it's just one more in a long line of 'therapies' designed to take-in the credulous and part them from their well-earned cash. The thing about this particular 'therapy' that makes it more dangerous than many others is the 'therapists'* insistence that
A fairly strong rule of Bowen is that it should not be mixed with other therapies.
When people start saying things like that, I start shouting quack!
However, in the interests of fairness, I have asked some medical associates to comment on this 'technique' and I will report back any comments which are forthcoming.

Hey, I have heard of this therapy where you take a finger and tap it on a spot on your body while telling yourself that you love and accept yourself. Is that what this is? Wink Laughing
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