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Is Outlook Express being Replaced by Windows Live Mail?


I upgraded Messenger and now have Windows Live Mail.

Is Outlook Express being Replaced by Windows Live Mail?

Cheers Possum..
Apparently so... the "Windows Mail" program is what is installed by default on Vista unlike on XP where it was Outlook Express. Although it shouldn't have been updated without you agreeing to it!

I have never used Windows Live Mail (well, I've used the web version ie Hotmail!) but if it's drastically different from Outlook Express then you could look at Thunderbird which I use all the time and love it.

It's from the same guys that make Firefox.

Yes I did download windows Live Mail purposely. Very well made app.

I do also have Thunderbird.. Which is great , especially with the Calender.

Cheers Possum..
Really? That's awful! I like some things from Microsoft, but everything with "Windows" in it is just horrible.
Yea i use msn mail but i don't user their software i simply check all my mail online i don't like all those programs that download the mails to your comp and all that makes it so much easier to simply hop on a web page and be done with it. All tho i know it sucks when someone replaces something that your used to (i know the feeling) i think its a good thing that they are out sourcing outlook, that program has had countless exploits and security holes in it its unbelievable. I remember a time when you would get cumulative security patches multiple times a week for it.
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