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When Harry Met Sally

Hey all,

This is my fiance's favorite movie and it is quite impeccable. I promised her that I'd make a post about it, so here goes...

Following their graduation from University of Chicago in 1977, Harry Burns (Billy Crystal) is kissing his college sweetheart Amanda goodbye when Sally Allbright (Meg Ryan) pulls up in her station wagon to pick him up for the 18-hour shared drive they have arranged back to New York. On the drive, Harry tells an incredulous Sally that men and women can't be friends. Men always want to sleep with women, he says, noting that she is very attractive. When she finally drops him off at Washington Square Park at the foot of Fifth Avenue, Sally tells him to have a good life.

They meet again five years later, in an airport, where Sally as Sally, now a journalist, kisses Joe goodbye. Harry, who is traveling on the same plane with Sally, is acquainted with Joe. He's a political consultant, and newly engaged to Helen. Once again, their personalities seem to clash.

Another five years pass before Harry again spies Ally, this time in a bookstore with her friend Marie (Carry Fisher). Now, Harry is in the midst of a divorce, while Sally has split up with Joe. Over the next two years, they become the thing that Harry said men and women could never be--just friends. They try dating other people. They even try fixing one another up with their respective best friends, which brings the friends together as a couple, and leaves Harry and Sally still, just friends.

Director Rob Reiner and writer Nora Ephron created a comic masterpiece in this film, but they could not have done it without the stellar performances from Crystal, Ryan, Fisher and Bruno Kirby, who plays Harry's friend, Jess.

It's not only worth waiting for good things. Sometimes it's really nice, too.

Keep it real...
I have a dvd of it but have not tried watching it. I'll watch it some time this weekend.
Being a Reiner and Ephron fan myself, this film is of course well towards the top of my favorites list. If your fiance is an H&S fan then you might try a bit of trivia on her:

  1. What is the name of the restaurant where the "orgasm" scene was shot?
  2. Where does Reiner "appear" in this film?
  3. Which line (from this film) was voted no. 33 in the top 100 film quotes?
  4. We see Harry and Sally walking into the diner (1977). What's wrong in that shot?

If she answers two of the four, then she's a groupie, not a fan Wink and you better be impressed!

1=At Katz's Deli, East Houston Street, NY (they still have a plaque at the table)
2=He speaks the lines "Hey everybody, 10 seconds until new year," from off.
3="I'll have what she's having.", by the American Film Institute
4=There is a MasterCard sticker on the door. In 1977 it was "MasterCharge"
Quite a good film, I agree.
It seems timeless in its portrayal of the challenges of seeking and maintaining an urban, heterosexual relationship.

I think Sex & The City stems from the theme and tone of this film, and wonder if not for WHMS whether Sex & The City and shows of that type would have been created?
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