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CCR - Chronicles

Hey all,

I remember getting this CD as a gift for my 10th birthday and also listening to CCR records with my dad when I was younger.

No anthology can really do justice to CCR. Like The Beatles, Stones, Who or any other band from that era, CCR is best appreciated by a quartet of classic albums; Bayou Country, Green River, Willie & The Poorboys and Cosmos' Factory. Still, this is a great overviw of the band's essential singles and album tracks. What's missing are some important songs (Effigy, the scorching version of Good Golly Miss Molly and It's Just a Thought among many others) but hardly essential for the novice or casual CCR fan.

This fine collection's flaw is the sound quality. The original mastertapes sound like they weren't used on some of these tracks. The entire CCR catalog (with the exception of Live Europe which is available as part of the boxed set)has been remastered with stunning results. The sound quality here is tinny and flat by comparison. The "sound" of any CCR recording is as essential as the song itself and, in that regard, this collection is definitely lacking.

John Fogerty's songs have stood the test of time. Born on The Bayou, Down on the Corner, Who'll Stop The Rain and many of his other songs still retain the freshness they had decades ago. Hopefully Fantasy will remaster this collection. I'd recommend purchasing the quartet of albums mentioned previously. Additionally, Fogerty's first solo album (entitled John Fogerty)and available as an import has a number of moments equal to his best CCR songs. In fact, most of Fogerty's solo recordings although not as essential as CCR, are important and strong albums (the exception is the misguided Eye of the Zombie).

Keep it real...
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