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Boxcar Children

Hey all,

Here's a series I used to read as a kid and I recently saw the series in a Borders nearby so I had to make a post.

The year was 1959 and I was a 4th grader at Buckeye Elememtary, in Buckeye Arizona. It had been my most difficult school year yet, as Mrs. Goodwin was a task master of the highest order and didn't seem to appreciate my wandering imagination, or lack of attention. In short...I was bored. I was sure nothing less than a miracle could make me like her, or my 4th grade class. Well, thankfully miracles do happen. Mrs. Goodwin decided that we were all going to get library cards and trotted us down to the school library. After getting over the initial shock of being around that many books, I got excited by the idea of being able to choose one to read.

I don't remember what made me choose the Boxcar Children from all the other books, but it was my first independent reading experience...and it literally changed my life. The story of 3 young orphaned children who survive on their own in an abandoned boxcar was mesmerizing. I sat on the couch in our living room, unmoved by either hunger...or even the call of nature...because I was so involved in the lives and adventures of these children. It was the first time I found myself transported via the written word to a different time and place...and it was magic! I reread this book again just recently...and to my delight, I still find it wonderful.

I defy any child not to find magic in these pages. And because the Boxcar Children is appropriate for either boys, or girls (a rarity these days) it's the perfect book for a parent to read to their children. This is truly a classic...right up there with "Doctor Dolittle", "The Wizard of OZ", or the "Enchanted Garden" and a "must have" for any family's book collection. Don't be surprised if your child can't put it down either and be prepared to read all the other books in the series. They are all wonderful as well. By the way, after reading this book back in 1959, I looked at 4th grade and Mrs. Goodwin in an altogether different light. Anyone, I thought, who appreciated great books like the Boxcar Children had to be okay...and she really was. This book was the key that opened a door to communication between us. Maybe it wasn't a miracle, but it came pretty darn close. Buy Boxcar Children...or, at the least...go to you local library and check it out. You won't regret it.

Keep it real...
I read every Boxcar Children book I could get my hands on as a kid. I could never decide if the older sister or Violet was my favorite, though. Seriously, one of the best series' for children, I'd have to say. They're really very good.
Wow, this takes me back to elementary school. My sister was obsessed with these books, so I never laid a hand on them. It was the World of Warcraft of its day. Or Pokemon ... more kid-friendly.
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