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PSP and PS3 are same?

how about PSP and PS3?
it diffrent at where?
and what that 2 price? Surprised
Agent ME
PSP is Playstation Portable - its a handheld portable system.

The PS3 is the high-end games console. Google should help you find the prices.

They differs in a lot of things...psp is portable, with screen and pad included, and allows you play anywhere. The games it can run are similar to a psone, but not so powerful to run ps2 games.

PS3 is a next-generation console, with the most powerful graphics(by comparison with other consoles, not with PC, of course).

you will probably note the difference in the price between psp and ps3 Smile
PS3 is way stronger than PSP in terms of processing power. You can hook it up to your HDTV.

But PSP is a hand held console. It has a very tiny LCD on it, it's convenient to carry it around and stuff.
Like they all said theres lots of difference!
But if you're wanting to buy one, if you're keen on graphics and have to have good graphics, get the PS3. Although, if graphics don't worry you, get the PSP!
i know i'm probably gonna catch some flack on this comment, but while i think the ps3 is a good system hardware wise, it really lacks a solid library of games at the moment. There's no must have exclusive games yet either.

If you need a blu-ray player (which means you got a really nice TV) and do some occasional gaming the ps3 is a good choice.

PSP is pretty awesome gaming handheld, but it also doesnt have a huge library of games compared to the nintendo DS. A hacked PSP is an awesome thing though.
Big diff. first being, graphics on psp are crap. So so crap Sad
uh yeah, there's a huge difference as everyone has stated. You might wanna look into how they work together though.
Big diff. first being, graphics on psp are crap. So so crap

just like... watching a 1280x800px hdtv video compared with watching youtube XD
Fake wrote:
Big diff. first being, graphics on psp are crap. So so crap Sad

Uh, I take it you've never played a Game Boy? Or GBA? Or DS? Or, for that matter, seen even for a moment absolutely any other portable video source? It's not an HDTV, because THEY WILL NOT FIT IN YOUR POCKET, whereas a PSP will (given a pretty big pocket, I grant you).

Seriously, get God of War: Chains of Olympus, and *marvel* at the video quality they crammed into a block the size of two decks of cards laid end-to-end.
How can u compare a PSP with a PS3?? One is a portable gaming console and the other one…. Its not that portable… haha Razz
It's the difference between the Gameboy series and the Nintendo consoles (SNES, N64, Gamecube and Wii). Google it if you need more info.
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