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check my site

check my site
Very Happy

*dons war helmet*

Ok, it is a stock template, that does not match the content of your site... it looks nice, but doesn't fit. Like a Giraffe at the north pole.

A lot of valuable wasted space on the home page, along with visible html code.

Your content pages contain lists of software, but don't provide links on where to get them from. It tries to summarize history, but does not help a first time viewer make a choice among them. Spell check needed.
java script error please check urgently
hey, how come a pic of teddy on a freeware blog? Cool
went through the security apps, there are no links for them Shocked
where can i get links for them? Question
Firefox 2
Firefox 2 improves upon previous versions by adding security features like the inclusion of an identity theft detection mechanism that alers users when

Spelling mistake!

"that alers users"

Isn't it funny how people who create things get critisism from people who do not. Wink
The site is nice and good...Its design is simple and nice...

I have something else to say...:The advertisement banner showed me a lesbo pic....I think you have nothing to do with the ads...but i just said it..

Cool work...Keep it up..!!! Laughing Cool Laughing
Ghost Rider103
The design is ok, and simple, which is userfriendly.

The teddybear is kind of random I guess, but hey it works.

Surprised to see you using freewebs instead of frihost Shocked
Design is okay.
It's cute and inviting.
I know it's stock, but they have some alright templates.

Anyway, on the content side it's great.
Misspelling can be avoided by using the Firefox Spell checker.
You might just have been typing too fast. It's ok, we all do it.
Also, You should fix the broken link to the Essentials page.

Another suggestion is to link to the products your reviewing.
Maybe add one link to the website, and one link to download the most current version of the software.

Overall: It's a good start, keep working it! I'm excited to see what it could turn into.
udaysank wrote:
check my site

To my first Sight on it .. i have these comments...

1. Title can be some graphic type.
2. adsense on top is GOOD
3. At bottom sponsord links: not loaded: check it!
4. To my view other are OK for this site
Love the design. Teddy is cute. Body seems a bit empty to me. May be fill it with some more text.
I love the design Very Happy
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