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Holy week..

Being a christian we always remember about this holy week mostly roman catholic celebrets Holy Week in the Christian year is the week immediately preceding and my family gatherd and attend the mass to the church praying and joining procesion of our saints.its good to witness the rituals being believe of christians , How about you? how do you celebret Holy week?
I'm actually surprised, because I work for the government (UK) and we're closing early on Thursday to start the holidays early. I think this is pretty cool to recognise that a lot of people still go to church for Maundy Thursday/Good Friday, etc. I know the UK is "officially" Christian, but it's not something you're used to seeing in government.
I'm a Catholic and live in the Philippines. There's a traditional Passion play over here called the Senakulo, where people act Christ's suffering. Every year, we do the Church Visit or more commonly known here as 'Bisita Iglesia' during Maundy Thursday night wherein we go to various churches to pray.

Enjoy the Holy Week but don't forget to remember Christ.
Im a Keri-ist. I believe in spiritualism not religion. I think a relationship with
"Gawd" "the One Source" "the great architect" etc etc should be a personal
thing. I don't wait for people to tell me when to celebrate Life, every week
is a holy week, every day a miracle. I hope you enjoy your celebration this
wekk but I encourage everyone to celebrate eveyday, every second, worship
always - you never know when this chance will be your last.

anyhow you offence of course to those who
practice the various religions. Very Happy
I'm a Roman Catholic in Jamaica and pretty much goto all the church services for the holidays. There are clashes over here with the season though because jamaican carnival is during the same time and the churches dont agree with that type of behaviour.. especially during this holy season.
im an atheist and i started the holy week by getting drunk on paddys day (Y)
I don't celebrate it. I'm not an atheist or anything, I'm just not religious.
I dont do too much, observe the no meat on fridays, and then easter sunday we have a big feast... We go to church on palm sunday, collect the palm, and keep it in our car for the year until the next palm sunday...
Will all the time im in church its good felling you volunter to assist in the mass or other activities in the church. i Christianism is good pratice.
meet in rio
I almost entirely forgot about it, woke up quite hungover on Sunday morning (which always makes me feel very religious for some reason. I don't know why - I've not been brought up surrounded by Catholic Guilt or anything) and didn't intend to do anything, yet somehow ended up at church in the morning and then again in the evening to watch some people I know getting baptised.

I also had a nice fry-up for lunch and snuggled down in bed with a few friends... just slobbed out, really.

I'm simultaneously obsessed with/perched comfortably on the fence about Christianity, so it was interesting to have a valid excuse to bring the topic up in conversation, but I'm not sure that the holiday made me question things any more than normal.
Hi! I'm a Roman Catholic.

Few years ago back when I was in Iloilo - a province here in the Philippines. when I was in primary school, I am an altar server during the mass. So, every holy week I am busy serving the mass.

In high school started 2000 I joined our parish's apostle's group. It's a group of volunteer's that goes around the barangays (Smallest unit of the political society here in the Philippines) and pray inside the people's homes. It was a fun experience knowing that you will be walking the whole day from 8 AM to 6 PM and that sometimes, some dogs will go and chase after you. Lol. I did this for 6 years. I really miss doing this again. I just hope I can do that again even though I'm working right now and I am far away from Iloilo.

Yantaal wrote:
im an atheist and i started the holy week by getting drunk on paddys day (Y)

woohoooo right on =]
Shazephre wrote:
Yantaal wrote:
im an atheist and i started the holy week by getting drunk on paddys day (Y)

woohoooo right on =]

Wow. Can we say redneck?
Nehallyn wrote:
Shazephre wrote:
Yantaal wrote:
im an atheist and i started the holy week by getting drunk on paddys day (Y)

woohoooo right on =]

Wow. Can we say redneck?

Redneck Very Happy
I'm a Roman Catholic, I think... I'm not really sure because every catholic/christian religion seems the same to me...

I didn't even know there's something like a holy week, all I know is that during easter there are 2 or 3 holy days like holy thursday, holy friday and holy saturday, something like that. And during one of these days You go to the church and bless food that You will eat in the easter...

During this holy week I suppouse I was forced to go to the church with that food. Apart from that I probably did nothing, or like Yantaal, I got drunk.
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