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Changing My E-Mail and Stop Spam


I am going to change my E-Mail address as it is getting too much spam. Also I don't like having an E-Mail tired to my service provider.

I will be using my G-Mail address.

Is there a way to make G-Mail aware of legitimate FriHost Mail so it is not put in the Spam Bin

Cheers Possum..
You can train it several times, I guess, by telling Gmail that the mail from Frihost domain is not spam. Maybe after a while, Gmail can understand you intent and stop delivering them to spam category.

I created a group called no-reply in G-Mail and put the address in it. Hopefully G-Mail will see this and realize mail with this E-Mail address is not Spam..

Ive really just had enough of Spam and am desperate to do something about it..

Cheers Possum..
It shouldn't be flagging frihost email as spam by default as my account doesn't. But if it does then simply flag it as 'not spam' and hopefully it'll remember that in future.

no-reply emails shouldn't automatically be flagged as spam as many legitimate sources use them.
I always though gmail and other email providers utilitize the notspam email as flagging the sent email address into your safe email list? Honestly all fihost needs to do is set a spf txt in their domain which they have done that will tell if their email provider is authorized. Theres very little chance it should go in the spam folder.

all is well.

My Google E-Mail address is working well and getting all FriHost Mail

Im very happy..
gmail is the only email to have lol

hardly have any problems with spam anymore and in trouble cases just add the address in your addy book and your good to go. Glad you got your gmail addy working well together with frihost mail! cheers
I've never had anything I end up in SPAM on my Gmail account! It's really good.
I've always found that no matter who you use for your email that after you've had it for a while the spam starts to build up again Confused

Once you've used it to register on a site or given it out to a few people the spam starts.

On one of the forums I use we've banned gmail because of the amount of spam and bot sign ups from it.
Most email service providers keeps track of email addresses to which you have send an email at least once and will deliver all mails from this address to your inbox. It won't go to your spam folder. You can use filters as an alternative to deliver all mails from frihost to deliver to your inbox.
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