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New 2pac album ruined

Pac's mother let Eminem produce the entire album himself. Spending all of three days adding his corny beats that all sound the same.

He also cut out all 2pac's real homies off the tracks and replaced them with homos from Shady records such as G UNIT, Obie Trice and 50 Cent...

This is disgraceful!

To add insult to injury Em alters 2pac to shout out "G UNIT IN THE MOTHER ####ING HOUSE!" And slows him down and speeds him up, ruining his flow.

How could his mother do this. We want a proper 2pac album. We want Spice 1, Napo, Fatal, Big Syke, Kastro, Noble. We want Johnny J and DJ Quik to produce.

If you want to be cheered up someone made a HIT EM UP/f**k SHADY remix. Go download it.

If proves once and for all that 2pac is definately not alive. There is no way he would stand by and let this happen. And if he was alive, damn he'd be busy eating Em, 50 and Shady alive.

Sadly it would have been better if Afreni just let Deathrow produce the tracks.
i definately agree on that.
Eminem's ruining Pac's image.
It's pretty sad because the new generation will probably know tupac in that way and it's nothing comparable to tupac back in the gangsta era.
eminem's f***ing up tupac with this record.
he's a good freestyle type but when it comes to the production, it's usually the same beats, not too original.
and putting G-unit for featuring is so ridiculous. if tupac was alive, he'd probably kick 50's butt.
it's a shame to put a hiphop legend into a circus...
Why does eminem think that he can produce??? It seems that whenever a rapper starts to realizer that they really suck at rapping... they start producing. Same thing with diddy. Although diddy is a better producer. Eminem should just drop out of the business completely and consider himself lucky.
I am absolutetly tired of people talking about 2pac. Give it a freakin' rest. He was a good lyricist when it came to talking about "the hood, guns, finger fu%$% and 'gangsta' thing. but that is it. 2Pac is WAY overated. Seriosuly
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