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A Question About .tk domains

I read over Here that domains are supported by frihost accounts. This is the quote:

Bondings wrote:
budazz wrote:
does frihost allowing redirects on .tk? im not planning to do that but i just want to know Very Happy


i don't know if this is out dated or something or if i read the wrong thing because i tried to set it up so that my .tk domain would go to my frihost web hosting account. But it says, "It seems that the URL you provided does not exist or is by itself already a redirected URL, which cannot be redirected again by Dot TK. Please choose another URL." Could someone please help me with this?
actually, i just sort of found a solution which involvles getting the .tk domain to link to another page and have THAT page link to my frihost account. This works fine but is there any way to go directly from .tk to my frihost account if possible?
It looks like the page you are trying toi redirect is already a redirect doesn´t allow that, but I think you are just focusing in the wrong page, but if your solution works just fine, don´t complicate more your existence...leave it as is...Razz
There are a few other people who used .tk domains on frihost in the past (like helios) without problems. So normally it should work.

However, I would suggest you to use a free domain from They offer real dns forwarding instead of just url forwarding.
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