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teaching english as a second language

If it is your desire to help people in other countries, but you are not the biggest fan of building houses in the mud and desert heat, teaching english as a second language overseas may be an alternative. Like this you give people in other countries the chance to develop their skills, which often is a problem for them, as they cannot afford to go abroad to study a language (Cursos ingles Canada) like most of us can. ITTO offers TEFL TESOL courses in Mexico, USA and the Czech Republic and upon completion of these you acquire a certificate that allows you to teach english in any part of the world. In fact, being in the possession of such a TEFL certificate gives you the opportunity to build a whole life and career in a country of your choice. You are not restricted to the current needs for professionals in a certain discipline, like information technology or plumbing, to name just a few of the most demanded sectors at this time. English is a language of major importance and there is always the need for English teachers, especially if they are native speakers. The demand is unlikely to decrease, as English is more and more becoming the most spoken language in those business sectors that are increasing and gaining in importance, volume and value. It can as such be considered an easy decision to take a tefl course whilst enjoying the stay in one of the many countries where these courses are offered and then deciding in which country you want to settle to work permanently as a teacher. So, teach English overseas and make the most of your life!
english is importain
So... I have to pay $1400 USD (NOT including housing or airfare) to teach someone ELSE English? Quite an interesting business you have there.
Although your method seems a little dodgy (hence loryl's post there), teaching English overseas would be quite the adventure. I may try it myself one day, but I certainly wouldn't pay $1400 for a course I've seen advertised for a far lower fee.
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