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Entropia Community

Hello everyone, I noticed there was already a World of Warcraft community, I figured I would see if anyone else is on Entropia as well! I am currently the CEO of the Entropia News Network, we are expanding our horizons and hope to have an active presence here as well =) (under construction, new server)
I know this game for a while and wanted to try it too but it dosen't seem very immersive and the story really sucks in my oppinion. I saw that players spend allot of time just to have enough money to buy on crappy item and I don't have time to do that. Anyways seems like a nice game to.... chat?
I think I first started the game about 2 years ago (I was inactive for over 500 some days when I recently decided to give it another try, had to request for them to reactivate my account).

And just as you say Vladalf, this game, if it could be considered one since it seems like a lot of people don't even think it is a game since it's economy is tied to the real world economy so closely, is really hard to start off without depositing at least a little bit to get you started =/. (You gather sweat from mobs who might turn around and kill you in a few hits, and you can only hope to get cash for selling them to other players since the game NPC pays zilch for them).

I doubt people get on it for the purpose of chatting =P it's more so the monetary incentives.

o.o Since I refuse to deposit money in it, I don't think I'll be playing much of it. I hope you have better luck with other frihosters who play Entropia LamontCranston. =)
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