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Florida: The Cradle of Democracy

We all vividly recall Florida's troubles doing simple math during the last presidential elections. Without dragging all that up again, it is interesting that they are back in the news on a related subject: After moving up the date for their primary and having the votes discounted by the Democratic Party, it seems that attempts at appealing this (or holding a 2nd primary) are getting bogged down:

  • Suggestions to have current primary votes counted are discredited by the fact that most candidates were not even on the ballot.
  • Financing a repeat of the primary has all parties arguing why they should NOT have to carry the costs.
  • Organizing a new primary seems also difficult, given the relatively short time-span available. Additionally, a number of counties are changing over to voting-machines.
  • Suggestions to hold the primary by mail / write-in have been discovered to be illegal since a Florida law apparently prohibits these types of elections within the state.
  • Private companies, who could conceivably organize this, cannot be used since voter registration lists would be needed to legitimize the results and again Florida law apparently prohibits the sale of said lists. (I wonder if Blackwater still has some personnel that are not overseas)
  • A few minutes ago, CNN reported that it is conceivable that the Governor might be able to enact some law (or "otherwise intervene") to somehow simplify a mail-in or privately organized primary.

I am now waiting for:

  • Mr. Putin offering his expertise in such matters since, the Russian elections were certainly not fair, but all responsible did a grand job at ignoring and overplaying this fact.
  • Florida legislation overzealous and hastily enacting laws which will inadvertently grant a pardon to Manuel Noriega.
  • Two Supreme Court Justices agreeing on a suicide pack in expectancy of having to (again) decide the presidential election.

Have similar irregularities occurred in other states? Why do we not hear anything from Michigan where they apparently also need to find a way to seat their delegates?
Florida is like this because it is the easiest State to defraud the voting system and everyone knows it.
yawn -.-

I mean, I understand them wanting the people of Florida to have a voice as well considering that is supposed to be the foundation of the election and our government....but the system is set up a certain way, regulations that were fully known were disobeyed. You can't go back and change the rules just because you want Clinton to win. It's fairly absurd. You would have though we learned from our idiotic Florida stuff with Bush and Gore. Complete joke.
The fact is florida is the more controversial one simply because the Clinton camp feels she can do better in Florida and possibly pick up some much needed delegates before heading into the Democratic National Convention. The problem with this is that you shouldnt just be able to change the rules halfway through a primary season. If those votes were supposed to count things would have gone much differently and there would ahve been a significantly different campaign strategy by both camps. Also, the entire point of not allowing Florida's delegates to go to the convention was to prevent them from front loading their primary, however, they chose to disregard the party's policies and moved it up anyways. There is simply no justifiable reason to spend millions of taxpayer dollars on a "re-do"
... role models of democracy my ass... those machines are the devil.
Unfortunately I live in Florida and I find all the elections problems completely embarrassing. They just can't seem to get anything right here. And I AM angry that my vote won't count. Evil or Very Mad
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