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Near-Death Experience

I wasn't sure where to put it, Philosophy and Religion or General Chat, but eventually decided to post it here.

Near Death Experience

Obviously not something that is very common, but there have been many occurrences of such near-death experiences around the world. Simply put, it is having feelings like detachment from the body, seeing a "heavenly" light, etc., which you experience when you die. But for the matter that these people were able to come back to their bodies after this experience. So this may also imply the existence of an "afterlife".

And there is a whole website here - - which describes experiences from people around the globe.

I personally don't know what to believe. So many people have experience have experienced it, so I guess we have to accept it as true.

My immediate reaction after reading about all this was I would like a movie to be made on this topic. Razz

What do you think? Believe it or not?
There are plenty of reasons why someone might see a bright light after a traumatic occurrence that might be near death. I'm sure a concussion or a slight lapse of consciousness would be a great explanation, but for all of this I still believe that there is a Hand of God that protects us and guides us. Recently I was in a car accident, and even though I was unrestrained, I felt that I was protected by something. Like someone was holding me there to protect me =].

I believe in God, but even so I understand that many people don't. And for them I feel pity, because it's a very comforting thought to believe that there is an all knowing, supernatural being there to protect you during these near death experiences as oppose to, "Oh, I just bumped my head and got lucky, thats why I didn't die!"
there is no such thing as luck, only chance and skill.
You could be right, KHO, but I prefer to believe that the "light: is really God or some divine power. Smile Also, I went through a lot of articles in that site, and it seems that beside seeing just a light, they are also able to communicate somewhat with the light. This NDEs (Near Death Experiences) also involve passing through a tunnel or something like that. I think seeing so much could be hardly a hallucination, then all the people who experienced NDEs are having the same hallucination.

And I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you are all right now.
I am not religious and I do not believe in afterlife, but I have easy to accept that people might experience "strange things" in these Near Death Experiences. After all, the human body is both strange and complex.

I believe that the experiences one have in an NDE could be a mix of how the brain reacts, and what the subconsciousness "expects" after what one has heard about NDEs. Many people would have heard about the phenomenon and things like "seeing the light".

PS! I do not mean to be understood cynical towards other people beliefs, which I respect. If I might (which I am a bit afraid of), it is merely because of mis-phrasing.
i have been 2 near death car crash
Just yesterday I had a near death experience. If I'd been standing just half a metre to the side I would have been a goner ... I was standing on the side of the road waiting for the bus. That's still pretty near, right?

Actual near-death experiences = human body shutting down half-dead. Nothing mysterious or divine there.
i had a near-death experience, i tried to divide 0 by 0 using the microsoft calculator.
If your talking about things like "out-of-body experiences", or the "tunnel of light", it's actually a brain function that triggers when you are dying or think you are dying. Scientists have discovered that they can trigger those out of body experiences or tunnel of light visualizations on a perfectly healthy person by stimulating a certain part of the brain with a low dose of electricity. Even though the patient claimed to having had the out-of-body experience, they were nowhere close to death.
J-Evil wrote:
If your talking about things like "out-of-body experiences", or the "tunnel of light", it's actually a brain function that triggers when you are dying or think you are dying. Scientists have discovered that they can trigger those out of body experiences or tunnel of light visualizations on a perfectly healthy person by stimulating a certain part of the brain with a low dose of electricity. Even though the patient claimed to having had the out-of-body experience, they were nowhere close to death.

Yes, Near-death experiences are also said to often trigger Out of Body experiences.

But, Out-of-Body experiences have occured when people are are unconscious, or, in rare cases, brain dead. If it is a function of the brain, then I fail to see how it can occur when a person is brain dead.

However, I am not entirely squashing that theory, either. There is an article there listing how self-awareness is a function of the brain - - which I think may be connected to what you are suggesting. Smile
Agent ME
I read some of that website that was posted, and I liked the idea that personality is a function of the brain, contained in it, but consciousness isn't. As if the brain was a tv set, taking some external signal (tv airwaves / consciousness itself) and showing it on the screen (personality).
The tv set could be damaged, and that could affect the picture, messing up the colors or so, similar to the case of the guy who was brain-damaged by a steel bar from an explosion, which changed his personality. But the signal, the tv airwaves / consciousness itself, is unaffected by this. If the tv was destroyed, the signal / consciousness still exists.

Not that science could prove this (without a lot of screwed up testing on a massive scale of induced NDE's and such...), but I think I'll take this in to my spiritual beliefs.

Another thing I was thinking - (to quote Dumbledore) - even if it is all in the head, does that make it any less real?
Thanks for your comment, shreyagg, but is your name Bill? I just read an exact article like your post named Bill's experience.

@Agent ME - I particularly liked their comparison with the TV set. Made the whole stuff much easier to understand. Smile

Actually, after reading this much about NDEs, I was thinking..what if the experience Harry had in the second-last (or the one before that) in the seventh book a near-death experience?
I sometimes have what I believe are nighttime seizures that pretty much makes me sure I'm having a stroke or something. I'm just sure I'm gonna die and it's the most terrible hopeless scary feeling ever. Actually woke up screaming one night. Sad
raine dragon
While I believe in an afterlife and in God, I have to say I'm very skeptical about such things. I don't deny that people may experience very strange things when they are in such experiences.. after all the brain rather likes oxygen and dieing, or near dieing often involves the brain not getting a whole lot of that for a period of time. That said, bright lights and other odd light-related things, as well as a sense of being outside of one's body happen to me a lot when I wake up from passing out. I have chronic low blood pressure, so basically the amount of blood/oxygen to my brain gets low, I faint, fall over, the blood has an easier time getting to my head, and I wake up. There is very little chance of my dieing from it, unless I smash into something when I fall, which, considering how mild it is, I've got a good measure of control while I'm falling still so I have little fear of that. A lot of these things just.. are very common to me, they happen almost every time I wake up from a faint. Nothing strange about it, just the brain reacting to low amounts of oxygen. I don't mean to be rude, and as I said before, I'm a religious person myself, but certain symptoms on that list are just natural reactions to the physical state of the body, IMHO.
NDE are very significant points in a persons life. They are important and not very rare.

If you experience a NDE, and know that death is inevitable, you will look through all the BS in your life and be able to make changes at the last moments. If you have nothing left to hang on to in life, you let it all go. Its almost like having a fresh start at life, when having a NBE.

They do happen quite often on psychadelics like acid and mushrooms....

Cool stuff
I regularly have NDEs. This morning I almost crossed the road at the wrong time and a big 18 wheeler zoomed past, it was about 5 feet from me! I was a bit scared then. I'm feeling better now, though - thanks.
I was oin a street and in germany we call it second-sleep...
like you know, i was ****** tired...
but hey... i had to get back frokm work and in the other second i saw myself infront of the other car...
wow... i just got rid of the situation in the right moment... and whoops... done...

I don't know. I am inclined to believe a lot of these are just made up by those people. As they are simply trying to be well-known; get well-known. But then I also think too about those who are confused. Because you know when these events are happening (or said to be happening), the individuals of question are in some state of not-full-understanding. So how do we know?! Haha - it is the catch 22 is it not? Well I think that it is.

Let me also say thanks for you and you posting this as I find the topic so interesting. The wikipedia article interests me also; it is amazing what you cand find on that website, is it noT?
It's Amazing..........!

I am talking abt the movie "Near Death Experience"
I don't believe all these in true life.......! If you want to afraid, just watch these movies.......!
But in real life, these are all S**T...!

Moreover, its a fact..! The people who dares, have their lifes shorter.....! Becoz of so many reasons.!
But in movies...! Especially based on these NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE.... PRE-DEATH MEASUREMENTS.......! All are good to see... But never read these experiences.......!

Is Silent Hill is there really...! Get me the stuff......! Laughing Laughing Laughing
Read this stuff - Silent Hill
Hmmm sounds interesting, well I've never been close enough to death to have such an experience. However, the grim reaper could be just around the corner.
Hi, I do not want to sound spooky or anything but hti sreally happend and it is documented by the surgeon at the South African military's medical facility in Pretoria, South Africa.

I have had a near death experience in May 1986. I was blown up by an unexploded shell in the Angolan war and was flown to a medical facility in Grootfontein in Namibia.

During my operation I realised that although I have been knocked out by the aesthetic I was standing next to the operating table and I could see myself and see and hear the doctors working on me.

next I became aware of people around me who were not the physical people in the room, in other words angels or spirits and they put in on a gunny and pushed me through the wall of the operating theatre and I started falling down a hole or pipe. There was no bright light but I knew I was dead and a voice kept on telling me that this was it, I had died.

I answered this voice and said no I cannot be dead I am too young and the voice said that if I wanted to live I need to spread my arm out like a cross. When I did this I immediately return to my body and sat up in the operation, much to the amazement of the operating staff. They comforted me and hurriedly closed up my wound and that was the end of the operation.

It immediately take to a military aircraft and flown back to Pretoria South Africa where they counselled me before operating on me another 3 times to fix the wounds in my legs.

The end of that story was that I gave my life to God a few months later and I have never looked back since.
I think people make a lot up, but however this fascinates me, I want to have a near death experience now.

It would be like being re-born and stuff, well I don't believe in god but I do believe in something after you die, not heaven or hell
I've had a near death experience way to much in my short life, i need to be more careful. The feeling you get when you get this experience is like when your on a rollercoaster, except it stays with you for hours, and u think about it for days, aint had one recently though Shocked

(Btw im talking about have a near to death experience, although some people posting above are talking about dying then surviving it somehow?!)
yea near death experiences are crazyyyy.
My near death experience is kind of my fault. You see I do a sport called parkour if you don't know what that is try googling it and look at the videos. So anyway, I was running along these houses and when I jumped off one to get to another I totally missed and went falling to the ground. I landed on the side walk and when I landed somehow I rolled over into the street while cars were coming. Luckily all that happened was a few broken bones and the cars quickly moved to the side.
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