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PDF or DOC to HTML converter..

Da Rossa
I need a good, preferably free one. Which one do you recommend? I see a lot of XXX to PDF converters, but rarely the oposite. The goal is to convert a .doc or .docx Word file into a good formatted html, because manually editing the html code to fit is a real hassle.
i don't know about PDF, but if you give me a DOC, i will just open it with MS Word and save it as HTML.

complete with CSS and images.
Yes, use any of the PDF2DOC converters and export to HTML from MS Office/Open Office...
for doc to html, you've got for one.
Da Rossa
The Doc -> html export for Word 2007 is crappy, it doesn't get the thing correcty, the indentation is very affected... And I don't want to install a whole new Office Package like Open Office... I'm pretty sure there is a free and smaller specific app to do that.... please help me... Smile
Online Solutions Doc2HTML Converter and Google Docs
Hi Da Rossa

I've been using PdfEdit995 for this sort of job.

The good part is it's free. Also, it does an excellent job of extracting and combining pages of PDF documents, and converting PDF documents to images.

The bad part is it claims to convert PDF documents to HTML, but does this very badly.

I too really need a good PDF to Word converter.

The best I have found so far is pdf2word, which is excellent in terms of page layout, but not so good on fonts, bullet points and letter case (upper/lower).

I should be really grateful if anyone could recommend a really good PDF to Word converter (even if I have to pay for it, as long as I can try it first).

Studio Madcrow
Frankly, converting stuff out of PDF into a document format is justa bout ALWAYS going to be an exercise in frustration. They can SOMWHAT reliably be converted into unformatted text (providing the document is fairly simple) but I've NEVER seen a convesion to DOC or HTML or ODF that even approaches useful.
Da Rossa
The main goal is to convert a beautifully formatted Word .doc or .docx document into a fairly identical HTML document, because formatting the HTML is just a hassle.
Da Rossa
In time: thanks, I won't need it anymore! Wink
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