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me, golles

Hello my name is golles, I live in the Netherlands.
I'm 17 years old. normally I play waterpolo but at this moment I can't. I really enjoy playing waterpolo. I'm still going to school, I learning for ICTer (I think that isn't the english word, but it goes about computers and all stuff around. When I'm at home I allmost allways at my computer, I really enjoy my time behind it. The last few days I busy with learning Visual Basic, I'm allmost done with my best tool ever, it is for a game I play, Kings of Chaos.
I also like to play Unreal Tournament and to do some html, also trying to "play" with some php.
At a normal saturday evening I would be in a pub but now I can't my mum doesn't want me to do it, same reason as the waterpolo. Maybe you are now wondering why?
ok here it goes:
At the 24th of july I was with some friends swiming at the lake, we where runing to the water, when the waterlevel was somewhere at my knies I started diving (it is posible where I normal lie at that lake) and I hot the bottom with my head, I had a weird feeling in my neck and it felt my head wasn't standing good at my body. I had a weird feeling in my underarms and shaked them to get rid of it, I succeed. I walked with my friends to my towel, at a certain number of steps I felt light in the head, I had the feeling that I should faint (I have had that more) my friends helped me with the last steps and I was lieing at my towel. an hour later the pain still wasn't gone so I asked my friends to call my dad, he arrived soon. I wanna stand up but I could because the pain was getting more. a friend lifted my upper body but I screwed put me back this hurt (in dutch offcourse) he putted me back and my dead was looking for someone with first aid, there was a man that was selling snacks (at least he said) my dead asked to another man to call the ambulance and 5 minutes later I was lieing in it, they brought me to the hospital and the x-ray showed I had broken my neck, the brought me to another hospital. I got operated 6 days later.
Everything is fine with me I got a brace on my neck and later when it is of (probably the end of september) I can turn my head a little less 7% to the left and 7% to the right, I will never be able to put my chin on my brest but I will make it Smile
I think the story is now long enough Razz

spannend ver haal hoor golles:D

wel beejte jammer dat ik alwist waar het aan lag anders was de spanning nog groter geweest!

ik vind het mooiste aan dit verhaal.. dat je ons eerst nieuwschierig maakt en tenslotte eindelijk verteld wat er gebeurd was Very Happy

maar in iedergevel sterkte er mee!
Zo dat is een aardig verhaal sterkte ermee.

Wel lullig dat je niet meer stappen en sporten.
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