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Fans of MMA ? UFC - Pride - EliteXC ...ect

MMA (Mix Martial Arts) is today a complete sport. It's not street fight like people can believe. All is controlled with some rules. And it's a new phenomena in World because there are fighters from everywhere: Brazil, Russia, Europa, Japan, Africa...ect

Ultimate Fighting Championship is one of the older organization in MMA. Today, it's the most competitive with the best fighters in all weight categories.

I open this topic to present this sport and for your curiosity.
The last we heard from Polish strongman turned MMA fighter Mariusz Pudzianowski we reported on his proposed US debut against former UFC champ Tim Sylvia. That was until I entered my local newsstand to see him leering at me from the cover of a MMA magazine (see photo) calling out current UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. Clearly, Pudzianowski has every reason to want to break into the lucrative US marketplace though I’m not sure the fight sport equivilaent of jumping in front of a speeding semi on the freeway is the best way to go about it.
Pudzianowski, who has become known to US MMA fans as ‘Puddin’, won his fighting debut in impressive fashion defeating ‘pro boxer’ Marcin Najim by TKO via soccer kicks on a card in Poland. Najim was also making his MMA debut, but calling him a ‘pro boxer’ is a bit of a stretch. Our friends at the MMA website The Savage Science came up with this background on Najim:
Shortly after Pudzianowski’s fight, talk turned to his next opponent. There was talk of a matchup against Aleksander Emelianenko, brother of the baddest man on the planet and a pretty tough dude himself if somewhat of an underachiever
Looking forward to the Strikeforce/CBS fights April 17 in the US. Let's see, we have:

Dan Henderson vs. Jake Shields
King Mo vs. Gegard Mousasi

These are the fights I'm excited about. I'm still waiting for Brock Lesnar and Fedor once the latter becomes a free agent.
Lastly there where two fights of World Championship of StrongMan - Mariusz Pudzianowski. He fought against Kawaguchi, with whom our Polish monster won. Next fight against Tim Sylvia he ended by surrendering, which was a pity. Even though i'm looking forward to seeing him fighting in MMA and maybe other formulas. Look on youtube for videos if you're curious how did it look like Wink
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