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Weed vs Alcohol vs Cigarette

Is it true that Weed is the less dangerous of the three ? And if it is the case why it is illegal in most countries ? Bar Netherland of course.

Can anyone with scientific knowledge regarding this matter enlighten me on the matter ?

Arguments for prohibition include physical and mental health for the user and damage for non users, the increased concentration of THC in marijuana, more accidents, more risky behavior, public order grounds, the "gateway drug" argument, increased cost for public health and treatment of addicts, loss of manpower, loss of tax income and purely political grounds such as vote catching and simple dislike of the drug culture. Other types of arguments are the same as the arguments for prohibition of smoking of tobacco in public places like restaurants, trains, etc.

Arguments against prohibition include civil rights issues (including religious ones), loss of potential tax revenues, unnecessary criminalization of ordinary people and the enforced mixing of cannabis users with sellers of more dangerous drugs and the associated criminal underworld.

An often overlooked argument against prohibition is the inevitable increase in potentially dangerous impurities that distribution through criminal networks entails (although this is mainly relevant to hashish and, of course, other illegally manufactured drugs) and the health hazards and their costs that these impose.

An often overlooked argument pro prohibition is that legalization will promote drug tourism and criminal networks in other parts of the world where cannabis is not legal.

For more detail see Arguments for and against drug prohibition or Cannabis(drug).

the next paragraph there discuss Cannabis Consumption vs. Alcohol Consumption. too long to paste here.
They are all pretty bad. Cigarrettes probably is the least detrimental. But they are all bad.
All drugs legal or otherwise are potentially dangerous, and the key point has to be moderation.
Call me a cynic, but the only reason I reckon most governments haven't legalized any of them is because there's no money to make in it because the existing established market is so underground and uncontrollable that they would have no way of making any taxes out of it - untaxed drugs would always be cheaper! Wink
About a year ago, we had an speaker called Johnny come into our school and give a presentation. He was a recovering drug addict, who was addicted to cocaine and claimed he had tried heroin too.

One of the first things he mentioned was that if alcohol were to be introduced today, it would made a class A drug. For those of you who are not familiar with the UK drug law, class A are the "worst", class B are a step down from that and class C are the least damaging. Considering marijuana is a class C drug, this suggests that really alcohol is worse.

However weed has severe long term effects, I'm sure you're all aware of the mental illness that it causes in people with a predisposition to develop mental illness and if there is family history of mental illness then you are also in direct risk when you take cannabis.

Cigarettes completely ruin your lungs. And most marijuana cigarettes contain tobacco as well as weed.

So in theory, cigarettes are the better option, since you'll only destroy your lungs. I wouldn't recommend making any of the three a habit. Although I'm sure they are enjoyed in moderation, and won't cause that much harm if used only once in a while.
I do drink alcohol, and I guess in small amounts it is not as abad as the other two, as you do not get addicted that easily..
I have done all of them... but I would say weed effects you the most by far... I would also say that weed is less dangerous than any of them.
It isn't a great idea to drive while under the influence of weed though because all you have to do is turn your head and everything will go by really slow.
I have been in the car with a friend they were on it and i didn't know until they told me they were because they wouldn't stop laughing and they were driving really careful.
They usually are speeding and driving like a bat out of hell.
weed isn't as bad like if you smoke it... of course it can be bad for your lungs. but you can also cook it in food and it isn't bad for your lungs then.
weed is also great for pain relief if it were legal.
I've actually read a lot about drugs and their effects, both negative and positive. I'd just like to mention that I noticed a few misconceptions in the thread thus far. For example, it was implied that weed has huge long-term effects. This is actually false information. In all of my personal research I have not come across anything implying that continued, heavy use of marijuana is permanently and cripplingly detrimental. One study suggested that, although VERY heavy smokers performed worse on aptitude tests, after a month of not smoking, their performance was not statistically different from a control group. THC will stick around in your brain, but not forever. Additionally, weed is not physically addictive. There are issues with psychological dependence, however, and one should always be careful that they are in control of their usage. The physical health issues with marijuana are similar to cigarettes, although it is a far more conflicted area of study. Some studies suggest that marijuana, despite high tar content and other factors thought to cause cancer, cannot in fact, even in very heavy smokers, be linked to a higher rate of cancer. Although this was a well-done study, there are other studies that suggest otherwise. Not even the scientific community is entirely sure of the potential negative effects of weed.

Alcohol on the other hand, can have long term, crippling effects and is addictive. I read one story in a book by psychologist Dr. Oliver Sacks accounting the story of a man whose alcohol use was so heavy that he lost a huge deal of his memory as well as the ability to form new memories. At the time Dr. Sacks saw him, the patient thought he was 18 years old, when in reality he was middle-aged. However, mild alcohol usage (obviously, since it is present everywhere in our society) does not have detrimental effects and can even be mildly beneficial.

Smoking, while it does not affect harm mental activity, and is a habit that can easily continue side-by-side with a normal, productive life, is highly addictive and is extremely harmful to ones lungs. Also, the habit is extremely difficult to break. I have had relatives struggle many times with quitting and are still unable to stop.

I hope this has been helpful and suggest that you do some of your own research. Careful not to buy into the stereotypes and rhetoric, since both pro- and anti- drug proponents have very strong and exaggerated ideas of the effects.
There was a scientific study that weed in fact killed no one. It is in fact harmless, except for the smoke, but all smoke is harmless. Cigarrettes are far more dangerous, and actually can be more dangerous than the three. Alcohol depends on how much proof you take in. But with cigarettes there is NEVER a safe one. Weed does have some weird affects on the psyche, but other than that it is completely harmless. I really don't know why it's banned, even in the country I live in, but it really is harmless. Cigarettes are so dangerous for your health and other people's health condition it's not a wonder why that drug isn't banned rather than weed. Maybe because weed has a worse effect on you than the other drugs, but alcohol has a pretty bad affect on your as well... I'm not sure and I would also like to know the answer to that question. BTW, I'm not a pot head or some hippy supporting marijuana, I don't do drugs to begin with.
It's all dangerous!!
Cigarettes stink and makes your lungs die, alcohol makes you drunk and it destroys your braincells and weed makes you scizofrenic...
It's all relative and it depends on what you mean by dangerous. One may kill brain cells faster but the other could give you cancer. A few drinks once in a while is okay but avoid the other two as much as possible.
Weed is probably the least toxic of the three, as far as harm goes I feel it really depends on your personality. Friends of mine have made great progress using weed to help with anxiety disorder, other friends of mine who have less self control have infantilized themselves with it. I would consider myself a middle of the road kind of recreational pot smoker. I smoke it occasionally, more often in social situations but have never had the desire to be high all of the time.

Still, weed has never killed anyone as far as I know, whereas it's common knowledge that cigarettes and alcohol kill thousands every year.
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