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my redesign

hi guys, well I recently did a complete redesign and translation of my site, and so it is now also in english... Wink

What I would like to know what you like/dislike about the design, and what things you would change, add, delete...

Here is the link:
(That ?lang=en changes the language to english)
Me gustaría responder en castellano, pero como este es el foro en inglés...

I liked the design. It's clean and fast. I'd suggest you to replace that StumbleUpon button by an addthis or an iFeedReaders one.

PS: When I tried to access your blog, this error appeared: "Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here."
I don`t like the colors, and Remove this brushes cuz it`s looks bad, maybe add there logotype or something Razz
It`s CSS Valid but looks poor.
Simple, Clean, Neat Smile
I think that you need to change the background of the main div a bit. Simple gray is just not that exciting. Smile
Very Good! As Sphaerenkern said, it is simple, clean and neat. I personally think the grey is fine.

Top Job, 10/10.
wow really thanks everyone for the feedback, I'll try to improve the colors to make it more.. exciting, I know, i always have that same problem with colors Sad

About the blog, I know, I am setting it up right now and so it is not working at the moment... it will soon i hope Wink

escritor: Gracias por tu respuesta, voy a añadir mas botones de sitios sociales, pero de momento estoy en lo basico

Well, overall I guess it is a little boring, I'll try to add more images/colors and make it better, when it is done, I'll ask you guys again what you think

Thanks a lot!
De nada. Smile

I wish your page to be very sucessful.
I was looking around at it (the beautiful design makes it a pleasure just to browse around in), and I noticed a misspelling.
Knowing the Spanish word, it is easy to see why it might be misspelled, and I was actually surprised by how well it was translated, but this will make it even better to fix a small thing like this.


San José de Pumarín (Parish):

This is another of our websites for parishes and other non-lucrative organisations based on out template and content management system. All its fotographs and designs have been developed by us, as part of our branding solution. It has a very modern and serious design, inspired by its vivacity and number of followers, with aproximately 50 visitors per day. It includes a piture gallery manager, with piture management functions (Such as uploading, editing, and deleting)

More information about the Content Management System.

View (Spanish)

Actually, now that I put it in firefox, I see several others... Perhaps you should run all your text through a spell checker?
^Organisation is the correct spelling in some areas. Read the below excerpt from this page:


Question: Can't you spell 'organization'? You spell it 'organisation' all through your site?

Answer: It's not a case of right and wrong. We're a UK company, and this is just one of the differences between US and UK spellings. (You'll notice we didn't write 'thru' in the question.) In the UK, the more usual spelling is the 's' one - that is 'organisation'.
There is an excellent discussion of this topic - and a list of words that end in 'ise' wherever you are - on Michael Quinion's World Wide Words site.

It's one of the things that make it hard for us (non-native speakers) to learn English. Sad
Thanks for the corrections, I first wrote it in Spanish and a few days later started to translate it into english, but I translated trying to put the same in both, and I wrote probably more thing than just those wrong in english...
I'll correct those you spotted now, and some day I have time I'll run the whole page through a spell checker.

You helped me a lot with my redesigning and all, and since you knew pretty well about my design I wanted to ask you for a piece of advice. Should I update the main site's design to match the blog's design, or keep it like it is now, with two separate designs?
I'm asking you this because at the beginning I loved the main site's design, but now I like a lot more the design I did for the blog... Confused What do you think?
You post things that are not related with your company. Your blog is separate from the site, right? If so, I think that there's no matter in using different designs.

However, if you are going to use different designs, I think you should create a contact page for the blog too.
Yes you are right, they are separate thing although they are hosted together... I will keep the designs separate and I will create a new contact page, I'll probably use cforms I guess.

Thanks for everything escritor Wink
The design of your first page (not your blog) is very simple to understand and easy to read. You did that part great.

Your blog is not too good. I'm sorry. You made a great content but the layout is far to busy. That makes it hard to read. Keep that in mind. Wink
Thanks wolfie, I'll keep that in mind and I'll try to improve on that Wink
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