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Latest walk photos....Derbyshire Peak District

Me & my pal Steve carried on our "training" for the Yorkshire 3 Peaks yesterday with a visit to Edale in the Peak District, south east of Sheffield.
We were to tackle a 13 mile route, taking in Kinder Low (633m), descending to terra firma, then going back up the other side of the dale to rattle off Mam Tor (517m) & walk the rest of the Peakland Ridge from there, before descending back to the car, hopefully inside an 8 hour target I'd set.

Steve clambering up the boulder field in the higher reaches of Grindsbrook Clough.

Me, windswept atop one of the many rock formations on Kinder

Steve, struggling to do the same in the strong gusts...

Now & again, I had to use my super powers to clear a path!

Some old tramp laying in a field

Steve, clinging to the Kinder trig point, amid strong winds

Panoramic shot looking into Edale down the Jacob's Ladder route we were about to take

And on Jacob's Ladder itself

Going back up the southern slopes of the dale towards Mam Tor

Looking back

Steve, making his way across Mam Tor's vast northern slopes

Mam Tor's trig point....struggling to even stand up straight in the least it kept all but the hardiest walkers away though. The rest of the ridge stretching away behind me.

Approaching Back Tor, on the ridge

Balancing on a slab overhanging the side of Back Tor....a nervous Steve had sprinkled a few king-sized raisins to entice me down!

All in all a fabulous day....we drove ourselves upwards when we were at our most fatigued & recovered quickly again once on the flat, or downhill.
Job done, all in a pleasing 7 hrs 50 mins!
The terrain here looks quite different from other places that you've posted pictures of. This place is really rocky.
wellerchap's less than 40 miles from my home & is the nearest really hilly area to us....I hesitate to use the word "mountainous", as I always regard mountains to be great hulking lumps of rock.....the ones shown are 633 metres at their highest point.
Great Scenery!

I have to take a trip there, one day...
Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Next time take a hand glider. Nice winds, plenty of lift for a glider
Those are lovely picutres. We went to the peak district on our holiday about three years ago and did lots of walking (mostly in the pouring rain), we stayed in Castleton and one of the walks we did was to go up Mam Tor.
Great photos. Area looks almost barren though. No green grasses or trees. Must be trickey with the boulders though, they have to have sharp edges? Think I prefer your previous hike! Would also appear that the UK is getting the same winds as we are here in the Middle East. Did you have problems with dust, or was the wind dust-free there?

Love the photos of Mam Tor, including the one of the old building on the way to Mam Tor. Quite picturesque. Would have loved to visit that one site. Smile
deanhills wrote:
Did you have problems with dust, or was the wind dust-free there?

I'd imagine it's relatively dust-free, because of the moister climate.
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