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Dance Trance Electro

Whats your Favorite?? i like DJ Shog, tiesto, ian van dahl etc. Like ibiza club music... This is music in my eyes... what u think?
The Mitchell
electro.... yes
trance... hmmmm well yes if its actually remotely good or interesting not just plin average shit that generally get played in shitty clubs
Dance- hmmm not sure about dancing. definitely a good stomp.
House= the best
dance - YES
trance - YES
electro - YES
house - YES
drum and bass -YES
hardcore - YES
techno - YES
That's more or less all^^
I love electro and other electronic music. Daft Punk, Röyksopp, the Knife, Justice and Danger are some of my favorites. I also have some friends in school making some nice electro. They are kinda inspired by old video game music so it's a bit blip-bloppy but you should check it out. Some of the songs are really great!

All their albums are availible for free download. Just scroll down a bit and follow the links.
what is dance by the way?
Don't want to be a picky bastard, but what do you mean with just "house". For instance:
I like some house. I like deephouse, however i disgust the kind of "defected" cheesy house.
Same with Techno/drum&bass. I know there are trillions of sub genres, but in some cases its needed, to seperate the "good" from the "bad".
ow forgot:

I like:

Salsoul orchestra
Dave Angel
Bugz in the Attic
Giles Peterson
Scott Hess
The Mitchell
Coclus wrote:
House= average techno Wink

i agree Wink nah just kidding.
The Mitchell
anyone here into theyre breakbeat, glitch, breakcore, gabba, jungle, minimal tech house etc.
I love all electro music

dance - love (L)
trance - lover (L)
techno - loveer (L)

yees and all electro music Razz

If you like it to you can listen on ! Smile

I recomend you.

Good greetings

Here's a list of all "electronic music genres":

Check that out. My personal favorites fall under Trance and Dance because most of those songs really have an emotional vibe and can really get my pumped.

Take this song for example:
The song title is Enlightenment by Oscillist. It's a great Trance song.

Here is another great example:
This is All The World by Nintechno. Listen to those and now understand how amazing Dance and Trance are!
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