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So I was supposed to break up with her... (follow up part 1)

This is for those who discussed my situation for me in the thread :

so, our plans of being "broken up" didn't work, we kinda gave up on that and people (namely our parents) figured it out. Well, a lot of time has passed and things with our parents have only gotten worse. My parents are still threatening to kick me out saying that "my days are numbered". Her parents now have threatened the same thing to her. We've essentially detached from our parents because of the way they've treated us. We've done nothing wrong and they still cause problems for us. So, now, our goal is to simply move out and in together by september. We initially planned it so we're all set with emergency cash and everything, but now.. what's important is that we get out of our parents homes.

I read up on your situation using the link you provided, and it seems to me that both sets of parents are being heinous.

Now, I understand you are going to move out of your parents house and in together. But at the same time, if something happens between the two of you, the both of you need a backup plan.

Here's the thing: Your parents don't trust you. I get that. My parents haven't trusted me since the day I was 15 (21 now) and still have people following me. Eventually, they resigned themselves to just watching from the sidelines, as nothing they did kept me away from what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be with.

Anyway, I'm getting away from my topic. Mend things over with your parents -before- you move out. Don't let them know you are moving in with each other. If they believe you are on your own and, away from her, if the relationship doesn't work out (heaven forbid) you still have a place to go.

I know that sounds harsh, but it's reality. I've figured all this out by first-hand experiance. I had to sleep over at a friend's house for a -week- before my parents would take me back home, and when they -did- give my key back to me, I was responsible for moving all the junk out of my room that they had crammed in there. Quite a nuissance, really.

Or, if you don't think that will work, then know which friends are able to put you up on short notice. The only real reason I wasn't sleeping under a bridge that first night was because of a phonecall to my closest friend... she rented a truck and picked up all of my belongings (which my ex-fiance had put on the curb) and put them in storage, letting me stay on her couch until I could convince my parents to let me come back home.

I do hope that everything works out for you. I seriously do. But I don't want you to go through what I had to go through.
Hi dan...I'm sorry to hear that your parents are still being stupid.

kaze gave you some good advice which is to have a backup plan,

I wish you all the best, I really do.
@ Kaze, I'm sorry to hear that happened with you. Unfortunately, trying to mend things over with my parents, I doubt will work as I'm sure they'll disown me long before they'll accept her. Hell, they've done it do my grandfather. I can certainly try though. And as fair as my girlfriend and I breaking up, well, that's really not a possibility, we've not only sworn ourselves to each other, but, aside of us having deep love for each other we also need to prove that the relationship is lasting.

We have a game plan, and we're going to stick with it, because we're going to prove that we don't need our parents help or anything. Smile

But I will definitely take your advice into strong consideration.Smile Thank you.

@apple, I know. They're ridiculous, hypocritical, lying people, and there's nothing really that I can do to change that unfortunately. But, perhaps in time, they'll learn they were wrong about the two of us.

I will make updates though as the situation may change. And thank you for your support and wishes. I really appreciate it.
you are most welcomed dan Smile
my god, I#m sorry to say this but I'm kinda really hating your parents both for what they are doing! how can you treat someone like this?! Maybe is it because I have no idea of the social context it happens in and what exactly do your parents have against her but... this is really ugly...
supjapscrapper....I think dan's parents are closed minded because of the way they grew up and all they were taught and exposed to. Its really not their fault. Some people are so strongly conditioned in a mode of thinking that there is no reaching them or getting them to change.
@ supjapscrapper: i completely agree, I do not understand how people can treat others like this, especially when it's they're own child or children. What they have against her really is nothing. She might be of a different religion but that is it. And that should not matter. It does not matter to me or her, however, my parents are hard headed (hard than diamond). There seems to be just no way to reason with them or help them understand.

@ apple: Yes, they really are close minded. Not open to any reason whatsoever. Sad really when one thinks about it.
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