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Best web site design tips.

Hey all, enjoy this topic, here I may give some tips about best website design art and of course you all may share what you know and think about this.

I have to say best web site, for me of course is Adobe's website. There always cool images, and graphs and vid tutorials, and there is a plain but really cool look. I think it's mostly about the color of the background and text. Adobe Caslon is the font, I think, it gives a really cool look too.

There one thing I wonder, and if you guys help me I appreciate, there's a section, on the main page, at the left above. 3 subjects listed and whenever you get the mouseover it slides up or down and appears and when on another it disappears,.. Anyone got an idea how can I do that on my own project ?
Hey paskall,

I think you should even look and This also is the simplest plain website but very well designed and also hving the good website hierarchy and architecture.
As per the slider you are talking about is concerned, you can see those kind of slide menu on many of the sites. Some use flash and some simply javascript. You can go to any site with free javascripts and you will surely get the demo or example and you can customize it as per your need, or if you interested you can even create one of your own.

So all the best,
take care
here is a cool site for tips and tutorials, which teaches basic to advanced web designing. YOU can learn html, css, javascript, php, etc. that you can easily understand. Smile
hey swapnilsarwe and dukieboy, thanks for the posts..

Actually, there some websites freely publish example java codes. But as far as I know, the thing I've been searching aint published, I couldnot find. And that's not that simple that I can do by myself, I am not good at Java script.

About Java's website, yeah it's really cool, and Apple's website too. simple and beautiful.

Tho I still needing a sample code for that sliding text areas... =)

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