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Questionable ram?

Hello, I have a "server" (really cruddy one, but it manages my files and such, so it comes in handly) that has 256 MB total of ram. I am considering upgrading this, by buying RAM via eBay (because I have some spare cash on PayPal) but I am having some questions about the type of ram I currently have (outside the box).

Inside the Box
- 2 128 MB SD Chips (got this via CPUZ)

Outside the Box
- 2 256 MB Chips (When I search the model number, it comes up SD DIMM - no idea what that is)
- 3 128 MB Chips (Also, when I search the model number it comes up SD DIMM - no idea what it is)

For the two 256 MB Chips the page where I got it says SD DIMM was:
But, I don't think this is the right type of ram.

For the three 128 MB Chips they say SD on them. So, what I was wondering is can the two 256 MB Chips fit in my computer? I haven't tried them, and I'd rather ask here before unhooking everything, laying it on the ground and changing the ram then rehooking it back up only to find out that I can't use them.

Also, on CPUZ it says that I have 3 RAM slots, but inside the box it tells a different story. Is this a malfunction?

Thank you, and kind regards!
Diablosblizz wrote:

Also, on CPUZ it says that I have 3 RAM slots, but inside the box it tells a different story. Is this a malfunction?

I recommended this software before, you should try it: RMMA (
All this program does is lock up my computer. It's completely pointless. CPUZ tells me my exact stats, but I lead to believe that I may have an extra ram slot, just I don't know where.
First you need to know what is your frequency so they will work properly together.

That means you have to check on you present RAM what does it say ? Is it PC100?, PC133?
and so on and you have to buy the other one according to that frequency.

you have to check for your ram type that can be use in your computer. let say pc 100 or pc 133. but normally if pentium 3 800mhz or higher, that would be pc133. you can try to install it and in my experience, it won't blow up that fast if you install wrong ram in your motherboard. then you can check when you boot up, you can either check if the total ram in your bios or when it startup, it will show you how many ram you have. if it does reduce size by half, then maybe that ram is not suitable to your motherboard. but if it has correct amount, then it should be no problems. By the way, i don't think your server can install 7 slots ram in it.
You need to find out what the FSB is like eveyone else said. Most likely PC100
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